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How Do You See Yourself

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Quote Of The Day

 “Who you make yourself to be is determined by who you see yourself to be”

Jane Chisom


In The Classroom

Two years ago, I conducted a survey in a class of thirty. I was trying to find out the reason why some students in that class were flunking IGCSE First Language English. Hence, I went around asking both the good AND bad students how they went about their studies and their thought on the subject. I found out that:

  • 18% of them stuck to revising some of their notes at the end of the day. 43% revised their notes and practiced a bit. Whereas the remaining 39% did that in addition to about 1hr of reading novels and thirty minutes’ practice for each concept.
  • A majority of them had about 7-8hrs of sleep daily under normal circumstances. However, during examination periods, only 22% maintained this amount. The rest reduced drastically.
  • The percentage of good students were willing to teach others based on their understanding. The ‘not-so-good’ students preferred to study endlessly until they gained “maximum understanding” – which almost never happens.
  • 18% thought of the subject as complicated and difficult to understand. They had a lot of negative comments about it. 43% believed English to be a challenging subject but one that they can pass with a little hard work. The final 39% saw English as an exciting adventure… interesting and a good way to express oneself.

My findings got me thinking. I realized that the class was divided into three group: the intelligent, the hard workers and the stragglers. AS to why, I figured out that those that fall under the ‘smart’ category are the ones who spent the time to revise their notes, practice what they’ve learned and expanded their horizons of writing. The hard worker category consisted of those revised and practiced. And the stragglers were those who just revised whenever they felt like it.

My Conclusions

Are you the type of person that finds it difficult to grasp concepts? And when you get to examination periods, everything you’ve managed to grasp… disappears from your memory?

Have you ever considered that there’s a possibility that you may be the root cause of your problem? Let me explain.

When I considered the mindset of these three groups, I realized that their performance and effort were influenced a lot by it. The stragglers didn’t really put much effort because they believed that no matter how hard they try, they’ll still not be able to understand what is expected of them. So why try at all?

The hardworking group accepts that it is challenging and put in a lot of effort to overcome the challenge. Even if it meant sacrificing extra hours of sleep (which is not the best idea though). The “bright” students have created an interest in the subject. As a result, all the effort put in doesn’t drain them of their energy.

The results of their various mindsets and its effects was visible during the next exam they took. Stragglers continued to struggle, hardworking students were gradually improving and smarty pants continued to shine.

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Being Self-Confident At Work

This idea of mindset affecting performance and effort is applicable almost everywhere. Take your workplace for instance. Suppose you were placed in charge of a project, if you didn’t believe that you could carry it out to satisfaction, your effort levels would be poor.

“Effort is not just making attempts but making trials with effectiveness. In other words, each upcoming trial brings you closer to your goal and not farther from it.”

Jane Love

“If you can’t hit perfection, don’t give up. At least aim for the optimum.”

Frank Chisom

But if you had confidence in your ability to head the project, you will carry it out successfully and somewhat effortlessly. Not as in, without much trouble but as in refusing to let obstacles to stop you and continuing to press on for your goal. Because you believe it is achievable.

Being Self-Confident When Speaking In Public

This concept is also applicable here. So, you have identified your audience, made the appropriate analysis and research but you do not have confidence in yourself to carry it out successfully.

“My perception of you is as a result of your illustration of yourself”

Jane Love

If you present yourself as somehow who is timid, shy or nervous, that’s what I’ll use in my analysis of yourself. Research shows that speakers who portray a certain amount of confidence and boldness are more likely to captivate their audience.

“Confidence in one’s self begins from the mind”

Julius Anders

If you do not believe in the success of your presentation (i.e. people understanding what you are trying to present), how do you expect them to do so?

Build your self-confidence by the changing of your mindset. Do that or start to pile up a list of underachieved communication goals.

This is Perception.

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  1. Awesome post! The survey must have taken quite a bit of work. 🙂

    I think a lot of students don’t know the best way they study, which contributes to the lack of motivation to, well, study. This happened to me throughout high school, and then in college I found out I’m a notes taker; I absorb best when I sit in front and take notes during class. I’m not much of a self-study type (I really can’t read a textbook…) and prefer to do practice questions with the occasional revising with my notes. My notes taking tendency have served me well in my office work. 😀

    The funniest thing that happened in college? For some reason everyone wanted to sit at the back, so there were many classes where I sat alone in front and there were like two rows of empty seats between me and the rest of the class, and they were all pretty cramped at the back. 😆

    1. 😀 It did. Especially because I was dealing with so many different personalities and I had to use different tactics to get my information.

      True. Very true. I’m more of a listen-attentively-so-you-understand-then-and-need-little-revision-and-have-time-for-more-practice-type. 😀
      Note taking – not my cup of tea. 😛

      😆😆😆 Yes. Yes.
      Happens EVERYWHERE. Almost as though they thought the lecturers/ teachers were aliens – scary aliens. 😆😆

      1. I’d say you’re incredible for getting info out of people! Ever thought of being a private investigator? 😛

        If I were to guess, you must be more of a verbal learner! (Wild guess, do let me know if I’m wrong. 😛) I’m more of a visual learner, so the notes taking helps. Also because I type way faster than I can write, and my hand would get tired after an hour of furious writing. 😅

        Haha, alien teachers! Does it make me an alien for sitting in front with the teacher too? 😛

        1. Hmm. I’ve been spying on you a lot lately. Does that count? 😛
          You’re right. 😆😆😆😆

          Makes you the only person brave enough to fend off those aliens while the civilians cower in the corner. Makes you a SUPERHERO!! 😀

          1. Oh well, it was worth a try. For fun. 😆

            Yay, I’m a superhero!
            …wait, do I have to wear my underwear on the outside now? 🙀🙀🙀

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