How To Cause Your Thinking To Improve Your Life

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Hello Guys,

My name’s Kingsley Peace and am similarly thrilled to be here. So, what’s cooking? Um, nothing much…just this awesomely cool and inspirational show I’d be hosting – Optimist’s Vibes >>> the free package to success.

First-off, what’s Optimist Vibes?

Basically, it’s a show that teaches and trains you to remain optimistic in EVERY and ALL diverse situations. Whereas, molding your thinking pattern and belief system into that of Kings and Victors – one that overcomes and cannot be overpowered.

Shortly, we’d be taking an in-depth analysis into two adversely profound personalities but before that here’s a little background story to what gave rise to ‘Optimist Vibes’.

Background Story

So, about a month back or two maybe, I was lounged in the sofa when my thoughts went wild in search of a solution to the demoralization of our society. It was a shock how much I discovered within the span of a 30-minute thinking session – during that expanse I was opportune the liberty to examine my household, my friends, my school, my church, and even myself. And soon enough, I found out something – a truth withheld from mankind and the solution hidden from him.

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And to tell you I had known all this while I would only be displaying my ignorance on a grander scale and making a fool out of myself.

Well, did you know human beings unconsciously walk in a mindset of negativity?

Yeah, I figured – that’s why am sharing the truth and most especially with you. Surely, you may think this is absurd but hold on a minute…give it a thought. Why do you think the ratio of the unsuccessful to the successful is a massive gap? Now wait, do you think if all the unsuccessful thought like Optimists or even dared to live according to their ways they would remain the same? Uh-Uh! I don’t think so.

Oh wait, why then did you experience that disappointment or failure? Think it was all chance…even after you put all your all and faith into ensuring its success. What went missing then? Exactly. That’s the problem addressed above – the practice of a wrong belief system.

We would find out more pretty soon. For now, let’s head back to those adversely profound personalities we spoke about. Like I said earlier they are ‘two’ and they are ‘profound’. But why? Well, simply because you can either be one or the other but not both. And also, because they are the two belief systems that run the world. They are Optimism and Pessimism but as personalities they are Optimists and Pessimists.

Now, who’s an Optimist?

An individual that sees the light in every darkness and that maintains positivity and faith in every situation. An Optimist is someone with a fighting spirit unwilling to give up but pushes forward at all times.

How about a Pessimist?

Well, he is the direct and absolute opposite of an Optimist – always willing to give up easily and hell-bent on seeing a solid immovable wall before every situation.

Thank you, guys, for your time and support. We shall continue in the next show.

Hey there, use the Comment Section below to contribute or ask your questions. Please limit your comments to the topic at hand; other discussions should be done on the #HJTruthers community forum

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  1. Kingsley that was great. I don’t know but anytime i do read your posts, i feel engaged. I mean you always think from both angles( your side and that of visitors).
    And its true human beings unconsciously walk in a mindset of negativity.
    Thanks for the deep elaboration and solution.
    #Positive vibes always

    1. Grazie mille, Luca. Le tue parole sono molto apprezzate. Si prega di bene da condividere e come il posto troppo.

      Benvenuto a bordo. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Raul. Am glad you liked it. Thanks for commenting! And yeah, feel free to share the post and video. Have fun browsing round the site too.

      All the best! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Am glad you enjoyed the post too. Please, do well to browse around the site. And do not hesitate to like, comment and share any post that you find favorable. Have a great day. 🙂

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