Jane Love Poetry #4

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This was supposed to be a splendid date-

a setup involving a strategically placed bait

that may eventually lead to a life-long mate.

But i am afraid you will have to wait-

I may be a little Late.


As i crossed the highway road,

i was freed from my heavy load

because when i exited the shop,

out of my hands – flew the cake.

Down on the ground i did drop

after i was hit by a car with no brake.


You will probably think my love confession was fake

and throw our conversation into anger’s lake

for what i hear from Dr. Blake

is that i may never wake.


Baby, i am alone on this track.

My body feels as though it was crushed by a bowling rack.

Everywhere i look seems black.

Yet even in this darkness, my love for you will never lack.


Dearest, I’m scared.

Should i come back?

Or should i go on being dead?

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