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Many people who make suicidal attempts these days do so as a result of mockery. I’ve heard murmurings about this fact (and the effects of bullying in general) over the years. Some of which include:

“Why would you go to the extent of trying to kill yourself just because your friends don’t like you?”


“They don’t want to hang out with you, don’t be bothered. It’s their loss. Why try to end it all?”

Julius Anders

“If they make fun of you, simply don’t let it get to you. Because it does you no good to keep holding on.”

Anonymous 2

However, despite whatever opinions you have, you must learn to think of the consequences (good or bad) before you take any action.


Consider this situation:

There was once an energetic teenage boy. I’ll call him James. He was someone people loved to pick on a lot. And he had few people who were willing to stand up for him. Hence, James was bullied and became the laughing stock of almost every school he attended. There were occasions when he’d go home with bruises and swollen black eyes.

This was a normal occurrence for majority of his secondary school years. Over the years, he became spiteful and filled with hatred. The bullying continued but this time, he fought back – he wasn’t the only one bruised in the end. Time passed and the hatred in him grew more and more.

“No two people react in the same way when mocked. Just because I can handle it, doesn’t mean someone else can.

Jane Love

Until one day, he came across one of his junior year “bullies” who came to ask for forgiveness – obviously regretting his past actions. James was so filled with hatred that he laid aside the boy’s apology and vented all his past and current rage upon him. Had it not been for a patrol officer who happened to be passing by, James would have killed him.

“Your response to mockery is silence or indifference. And someone else’s is a self-triggered gunshot to the head.”

Jane Chisom

Oddly enough, James found “satisfaction” in his actions. After spending some time in prison to pay for his crime, he went wild. If he didn’t like you, he killed you. When you got in his way, you were a goner. And if you were willing to pay him, he’ll kill for you. As a result, He raced through life leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake. He was a serial killer. The real James was dead and in his body dwelt a heartless monster.

This is a true story.

Reducing The Effects Of Bullying

Would his case have been different if someone had been brave enough to stand up for him? Brave enough to stand against the injustice done against James through bullying? If someone had been able to befriend him… show him love and encourage him?

Wonder how James’ story ends? I’ll tell you.

He was arrested after fifteen years of “professional” killing. And sentenced to ‘death by the firing squad’. You can imagine the pain his mother went through. How tearful she was as she watched those bullets tear into the flesh of her only son. Yes, he committed all those heinous crimes but he was her light… her world. I bet she could still see that loving young child he once was in him.

I’m sure he might have gone to Hell. Thus, I’m certain he may never have got to know God. Many of you would comment that he deserves it. I neither agree nor disagree with you.

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Food For Thought in line to Bullying and its Consequences

Instead, I’ll ask you to consider these things:

  • How do you think the families of all his victims were affected? Place yourselves in their shoes. Imagine you just phoned your only child at college the night before only to receive the news of his/ her death the next morning. I bet you’d feel as though your heart has been wrenched out of you when you see the headlines – “Youth Slain In Brawl”.


But this is the case it’s not only their children being murdered but their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives. If that’s how you would have felt, imagine how they did.


  • How often do you communicate with your kids? With your family? And your spouses? You are a family for crying out loud. Learn to communicate with each other. Find out how the day went… help each other solve issues. Perhaps the first few times you tried, no one opened up. But keep trying, they will (they are just not used to it).


By doing this, you are sending a message across that “If you’ll ever need me, I’m here for you”. Maybe if James’ mother had practiced this often, he would have turned out differently.

James was a bright kid with an equally bright future. However, his future was destroyed by people’s act of indifference to the bullying inflicted upon him.

One Final Note on the Bullying Issues Effects

Supposing he was to grow up to be a very successful surgeon, imagine the number of lives he could have helped save. Now, look at how his life turned out. Consider how many lives were lost – both those he could have saved and those he murdered.

There’s a vast imbalance. So much more dead. And a larger number of families affected or destroyed. Yet, it all began with a tiny seed of inhumane bullying.

Teen Voice.

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  1. Jane,
    You are mature beyond your years. I know The Talking Company has told you this many times! What a touching subject to discuss. You bring up great points and a chilling case study. Thank you for spreading such a positive message. Have a great day! ❤️​
    Ipuna Black recently posted…5 Steps Toward SuccessMy Profile

    1. Thank you, Sunshine. Glad you like it and that the positive energy got to you 😉
      Have a great Monday.!! Send my regards to Jy as well. ❤️​❤️​❤️​

      And yes – too much love. 😜😜😍 😍

  2. “No two people react in the same way when mocked. Just because I can handle it, doesn’t mean someone else can.” Wise words indeed! I’m glad you decided to bring up this topic. Bullying is an international, age-old phenomenon. There have been bullies and bigots since the beginning of time.

    I was bullied in school. Back then, I didn’t have the tools to handle it. Now, I’m older and wiser.

    1. Thank you, Beacon. I agree. We must try to get rid of this old man. He’s lived and thrived for far too long. I believed everybody has been bullied before. But not everyone had the right tools to handle it, like you said.

      And probably EVERYONE has been a bully too. I didn’t think this was true until I did some research around it. I was sort of amazed to find out how much of a bully I had been for some part of my life.

  3. Communication is so vital when it comes to children. We do need to know what is going on in their lives. Bullying is such a serious issue, I wrote about it a long time ago and was thinking of writing about it again before I realized that you had.

    I am a huge advocate for peers reporting bullying in schools.

    1. You’re right. I believe the fear of being victimized is what prevents peers from reporting bullying incidents.

      P.S. You can still write on it again. The more people speak on it, perhaps there will be a change.

  4. Very well explained Janie. You’ve certainly chosen a topic that needs serious attention.
    Bullying can put an end to a person’s potential and nobody benefits from it. Many people across the world lose their lives for this very unnecessary reason. Life is special because of its challenges and bullying is a challenge, it should be faced and won!
    Jothish Joseph recently posted…The Defining loss!!My Profile

    1. “Bullying can put an end to a person’s potential and nobody benefits from it. ”
      You’re right. What makes matters worse is the ripple effect it has. One suicide attempt as a result of bullying affects a lot of people. The bullies carry guilt as a burden. Friends are crushed and may fall in depression. Families can be torn apart because they failed to notice when things go haywire. Thus, a broken home may result into more possible cases of suicide.

      Yes bullying is challenge. It can be overcome. By a determination to stand for what is right.
      Thanks Rainforest. 😀 😀

    1. It truly is so sad, John. Especially because not enough people realize this fact. You were fortunate enough to have people stand up for you. Not many are.
      It’s ultimately up to us to do so for those we can.

      Thanks for reading. Glad you liked it.

  5. Inspite of all the awareness bullying is still prevalent. It’s such a sad thing to see children and youngsters getting bullied each day, the effects are heart piercing. Your posts are so mature and great that it amazes me. Well written! 👍

  6. Hi

    Thanks for wonderful sharing. I love to share your words and suggestion. Keep on good work. Always share the good more things and suggest. Love to read your post.
    Krishan Kargwal

    1. 😀 😀 Thanks for your kind comment.
      Please, do well to like, comment and share any post you find helpful and intriguing. And yes, enjoy your time browsing through the site.

  7. Having suffered from bullying for a portion of my younger life, I am frustrated that it still goes on and that people live in fear of standing up.

    Sadly, bullying doesn’t disappear once school is over. People…adults continue their assault on others for personal gain, superiority or many other selfish reasons. I believe that we as a society are far away from ending bullying, however, the only way to end it is to attack it in its infancy. Children must be educated to see its destructive powers. Parents must continue that education at home so that they lessons in school aren’t forgotten. Most importantly, the bullied must not be afraid to come forward.

    It is impossible to stop something in which the source can’t be pinpointed…
    Joel recently posted…Tapping Into Untapped Potential, The Cornerstone of Worldwide ChangeMy Profile

    1. Excellent point raised, Joel. It’s difficult to change something that has become inbuilt.
      If they are not taught the consequences when they are kids. We can expect them to willing change in their latter years.
      Thanks for reading!! 😀

    1. 😀 😀 Thanks.
      Please, do well to like, comment and share any post you find helpful and intriguing. And yes, enjoy your time browsing through the site.

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