Jane Love Poetry #5

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A Heartfelt Prayer

A Heartfelt Prayer

Dear Father,

I want to talk to you about a brother

Who seems to be drawing farther

Away from you.

The other day, he proclaimed his wonder

At why you even bother

To shower and lather

Him with your love.

He knows he’s completely a sinner.

Yet in public, he claims to be a believer.

In his clashes with the devil, he’s hardly a winner.

Because almost every time, he falls.

And now, he seems to be falling deeper.

Thus, he’s in desperate need of a deliverer.

Yes, he needs a Savior –

Father, he needs you.

So, I commit him to thee.

You’ve got to set him free.

Because there’s a secret I’m concealing. See –

The brother I’ve been praying for is really me.

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