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About Jono and Ben

Jono and Ben, previously known as Jono and Ben at Ten, is a news and entertainment TV show based on humorous satire. It is hosted by Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce.

The show began in 2012, bringing together presenters from two previous TV shows. Jono Pryor is formerly known as the host of The Jono Project, which ran from 2008-2011. And Ben Boyce was a co-host of the popular long-running series Pulp Sport and his very own series, WANNA-BEn.

 It is currently being aired on Three on Thursday nights at 7:30 pm and on The Edge radio station weekdays from 3 pm. The show consists of a combination pre-filmed sketches, pranks and parodies, linked together by segments filmed in front of a small studio audience.

The show is divided into 12 segments. Namely:

Action Men

Jono and Ben take part in a challenge out in public. Challenges have ranged from trying to sneakily place items into customers supermarket trolleys to trying to race 400m around town without touching the ground. The challenge sees Jono and Ben compete against each other while watching and commentating on the other’s efforts.

Breaking Brad

This segment was introduced in the fourth series. It involves Jono and Ben playing pranks on The Rock station manager, Brad King.

BSA Censorship

During the show, clips from a recent news story, advertisement or TV show are shown. However, ordinary words are censored out. This causes the viewer to believe that the presenter said a swear word at that point. Thus, the context of dialogue is changed.

Cool Story Bro

While the celebrity tells a story, the team will try to act it out to the best of their ability.

Pick Up Only

An item is listed for sale in a classified advert or through Trade Me. However, there is a requirement that the purchaser must pick the item up. The purchaser is directed to a house where actors are in place. Hence, the unsuspecting purchaser will end up entering the house and walking in on awkward situations.

Jono versus Ben

Jono and Ben compete in a weekly parody competition on a certain topic. During the show, they each present a parody video they made. Afterward, both videos are posted on the Facebook page of the show for voting (via “the number of likes” received). The video with the most number of likes wins.

Making Shapes

Introduced in the Fifth Series, Making Shapes is a game where two contestants going through a hole without falling into the water. The two contestants will win $500 and a years supply of Arnott’s Shapes.

Sux to Be

A weekly prank is played on one of the four current cast members. The pranks are varied and have often resulted in a prize possession being destroyed (e.g. Ben’s car and flat screen TV).

NeXt Actor

A selected celebrity is sent into a store to pose as a staff member. The actor is dressed in the company uniform. And he/she will try to help unsuspecting customers according to Jono & Ben’s instructions (which are usually hilarious). This segment has proven to be one of the most popular on the show.


Each week a celebrity is brought on to the show. He/she is shown a popular YouTube clip of a person doing a strange challenge. Later on, in the show, he/she has to act out the clip and achieve the same result. Someone, chosen from the audience, stands a chance of winning $500 if the celebrity successfully completes the challenge.

Speed Dating

Rose Matafeo interviews New Zealand and international celebrities in the form of speed dates.

Straight to the Sauce

Actors trying to portray individuals that have been involved in the media recently are interviewed by Jono & Ben.

Have fun watching and be assured that you will be entertained


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