You may be a fraudster!!! Know Yourself.

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We just concluded on an exciting series of topics under the concept of knowing and understanding your audience using the IDARE process.

Today, we are going to start on a whole new topic entitled KNOWING YOURSELF.

Now, many people may argue that:

  • I already know all I need to know about myself.
  • I know I am called “…whatever their name is…”
  • I know I am “…their age…”
  • I know I am in a family of “…”


I get it but by the time we are done, you will understand what I mean by knowing yourself. Because by then, you’ll realize that you really do not know much about yourself. Unless, of course, you have taken the time to find out who you truly are.

I’d like to start with the:


“You are who you make yourself to be.”

Jane Love

Because I have realized that many individuals – even though they have been stamped by the world as not being able to be anyone meaningful in life (possible due to the fact that they are school dropouts or simply because they seem dumb at first) – have turned out to be really great people, this is a quote I find to be very true.

There are so many true stories of school dropouts becoming men and women of influence that many use them as consolation if their grades are poor.

Some examples include:

  • Bill Gates
  • Isaac Newton

This is the man known for the discovery of the laws of gravity and motion. Another fact that not a lot of individuals know about states that he dropped out school!! Yet that did not deter him. No. He went on to use his gift of intuition among others to uncover laws that are still being believed and taught today – years after his death.

So, what did these men have that no matter what life threw at them, they got back on their feet?

They knew who they were. Hence, they believed in their ability to make something of themselves despite all the possible setbacks.

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So, the question I’d like you to ask yourself is:


“A father” 

Po’s Dad

“I have myself this question many times. Am I the son of a panda? The son of a goose? A teacher? A student? Turns out: I am ALL of them…. I am the DRAGON WARRIOR.”

Po, KungFu Panda 3

Lol. He surely knows who he is. What about you?

You know what? Why don’t you take your mirror, look yourself in the eye and ask yourself – WHO AM I?

You probably don’t understand why I am asking you to do this activity. In fact, it’s amusing you with its weirdness. You must understand that what I am trying to do is make you begin to think deeply about these things.

  • Who are you in your opinion (Who do you see yourself to be)?
  • Your identity from God’s point of view
  • Who were you created to be?
  • In whose lives did God create you to effect a change in?

For the majority of my life, I have been many things: a friend, daughter, student, a mentor and so much more. But I never knew they did not represent who I truly was until I found out these things.

The Importance of knowing yourself (i.e. your true identity)

You can know and understand your audience but unless you believe in yourself to be effective in your presentation, you most definitely will not be effective. In addition, it’s like trying to convince people that your product is exactly what they need when you yourself do not believe that. It will not work out the way you want it to.


Therefore, in the next episode, we are going to help you find out who you truly are meant to be (in God’s opinion, yours and how to merge all of them together).

Till next time…

This is Perception.


  1. My word? I am about to post a hoopie of an answer for you from the Father/Creator telling me, who am I in His sight! Blow me down! How all of this ties together. Hahaha! HalleluYah! Check it out if you may plz. Give me your thoughts also if you may plz. 🙂

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