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    Anna Silhanova

    Hello kingsley,

    I would like to ask one question. I’ve been going through your shows, but I haven’t seen any post or video, yet, for “Proud Me”. From the brief introduction you gave, it’s something a lot of people need, including myself.

    You see, I have a younger son younger son, who should about you age, and his behavior has been taking a turn for the worse. I really need you to help me out. He has been influenced by some bad characters at school. But he loves “Optimist’s Vibes” already, and i know that “Proud Me” will go a long way in making him the excellent Matthew he was two years ago.

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    Kingsley Peace

    Hello Anna,

    Am so sorry for what has been happening to your son and I’m most definite that ‘Proud Me’ would dig out the true and perfect ‘Matthew’ suppressed within. And yes, this was my vision – to help you and all those that fall under the same category. On the other hand, Proud Me would start-off pretty soon. Just stick around and watch out for it. Thank you for your support and patience.

    Success to You!! 🙂

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