Jane Love Poetry #2

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Rapture In A Dream

I heard the trumpets sound

And righteous souls all around

Began to rise high above the ground.


I looked down as I rose.

It was as though time froze.

There were people who claimed to be close


With God and were left behind-

Because they didn’t follow the road He designed

But did as they desired


Waking up, i began to think.

The implication of my vision began to sink

We were on the edge: on the brink


Of the end of the world.

And only the faithful will be called

Then, inside my mind, truth crawled:


Would I see my neighbor, family and friends again?

Will we all be left in disdain?

Could I imagine the pain

Of having lived in vain?


We should not act like fools.

We are God’s special tools;

Designed to obey his rules.

We are not here to amuse.

Rather, the Gospel of salvation– we must diffuse!!!

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