Research - The Missing Link To Successful Presentations

Research – The Missing Piece To Successful Presentations

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We’re back with another lovely episode of Perception.

What we have learned so far

In the previous episodes, we have been discussing the importance of knowing and understanding your audience. We went on to expand on how you can identify your audience. We found out that it’s actually no big deal. How it is done and the length of time taken depends on the importance of your presentation being successful. Then, I introduced us to the next stepping stone of the IDARE procedure: Audience Analysis. I showed means of analyzing your audience and further explained its importance.

That being said, today we are moving on to the final IDARE stepping stone – Research.

What is research?

This is the “systematic investigation to establish facts” (as taken from a regular dictionary).

This step is quite similar to that definition. However, in this case, it’s not only to establish facts. But also to find out how your presentation can be strengthened by these facts.

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How can you carry out research?


You can find resources online that could help make your staging stronger. Examples could include: attractive photos relating to your topic, PowerPoint displays, info-graphics, etc.


  • Primary

Instead of getting these resources (such as PowerPoint displays and info-graphics) online, you can create your own. That is if you have the time.

  • Secondary

Another great source of resources would be the library. You can access additional information that can make your speech more interesting. Things like unusual facts, amazing records and unheard of feats are bound to grasp attention.

Which do you prefer – Secondary or Primary research? Let me know in the comments below.

One Brief Notice

Every step of the IDARE process has a role being played by “research”. When identifying your audience, you “research” about their demographics. For audience analysis, you “research” about their psychographics. For the final part, you “research” on how to execute your presentation in the best possible way. And you add extra information to it if necessary. So you see: Research is the foundation of the IDARE process.

When you do your research properly, everything becomes clearer and much easier.

John David

Each section of this foundation is equally important. If you identify the wrong audience, your analysis and research will be useless. Because in the end, your goals are underachieved. You can identify the right audience but still fail in execution (by making the wrong analysis).

“If you want to do something, do it to the best of your ability or don’t do it at all.”

Jane Love

“There are two levels of achievement: optimum and perfection. Aim for perfection but at least, make sure you hit the optimum mark.”

Frank Chisom



Identification CHECK


Analysis CHECK


Research CHECK


Preparation Complete



Go into that conference room or venue of speech (in the classroom, living room with your parents, etc) with confidence. Relax, take a deep breath and speak.

So, that’s it for our first series on determining people’s perceptions of you – Knowing Your Audience. You can also get this guide to assist you in your public speaking career.

I know you have had a lovely experience because I have. Watch out for our next series on controlling how people see you – KNOWING YOURSELF.

This is Perception.

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        1. Ha ha. That’s true. I believe that’s why people despise research. There’s so much information and soo little time and space to go through all of them.
          Dare I ask another question?

          1. I don’t think opinion enters into it. Online is easier. You can access everything available from one terminal. You don’t need to search shelves for a book. You just type in what you need and you have loads at your fingertips very quickly. However, what is more valuable, online or physical is a matter for debate. And guessing that is your next question, the answer is I don’t know. The quantities of information available online is very valuable. However, sometimes the good is mixed in with the bad and it becomes hard to separate them. And sometimes, things only exists written in a dusty tome in some private library. I guess it depends on the circumstances.
            John recently posted…The first outing of Devastator: Star Wars Armada Battle ReportMy Profile

          2. You plucked my next question right out of my mind. Way to go.
            Everything you’ve said carry a large amount of truth. This discussion has been very helpful not only to me but everyone else who reads this.
            My final question to you before you can have a shot at asking me questions if you have any would be:

            What’s the shortest amount of time anyone should spend researching on a topic?

          3. Thank you, I hope it does help others.
            That is another interesting question with no easy answer. Taking your question to mean what I would impose upon myself, rather than to others, I would say the short answer is “As long as is necessary to be taken seriously and considered credible” whilst also being credible.

            No questions just now. I may come back to you later
            John recently posted…The first outing of Devastator: Star Wars Armada Battle ReportMy Profile

  1. This is helpful. I don’t have a speaking platform, but I would like to develop one at some point. I appreciate your tips and your insights! Thank you for sharing your wisdom here. It’s very applicable!

    And, thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s nice to “meet” you. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Jeanne. I really loved your blog. It’s outline and topics are very interesting.
    Am glad you found this post helpful. I encountered a lot of stumbling blocks and made a lot of mistakes in the researching aspects of my life.

    I don’t want others to make the same errors.
    It’s a privilege to meet you as well.
    Jane Love recently posted…Responsibility Crisis: The Errand IssueMy Profile

  3. The article is very helpful, Learning something new every other day.
    Thanks for sharing this great information. It will probably help to build the strategy for website.

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