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Today we are going to talk about something you’ve probably heard being discussed globally: Being Eco-Friendly… Preserving our planet. My version’s title would be SAVE EARTH.

Now, some of you may be wondering how this is related to the entire concept of Teen Voice. Some of you may not understand how it is related to you as teens. Let me explain: in this talk, I am going to be showing us how we can contribute to the preservation of our planet in our way.

“It takes one individual to make a change on a global scale.”


Why? He went on to explain that as the person continues to persist on moving towards that change he/she wants to effect, pretty soon they draw attention to themselves. Everyone will see that they are making progress and hence, be encouraged to believe that that change is attainable. Thus, people will begin to join them in their quest for change.



What is sustainable development?

sustainable developmentTo sustain means to “lengthen or extend in duration or space” whereas development is an “act of improving by expanding, enlarging or refining”. Hence, one can safely say that sustainable development would refer to the act of improving something in a way such that its duration of existence is lengthened or extended.

In junior high, when I took on geography (which I later dropped because I greatly disliked it), to the best of my memory, I recall it being defined as developing in such a way that we don’t ruin future generations’ chances of experiencing Earth’s biodiversity.

I may be wrong because I never really bothered to study Geography or listen – I just sat in class for the sake of it. It sometimes makes me wonder how come I didn’t fail that class. Anyways, please correct me below in the comments if you think I’ve got it wrong.

We all know that good goals are R.A.T (realistic, achievable, time based). From this, we can conclude that deciding that we are progressing to a world where resources are used sustainably is a very good goal. Because it’s not impossible thus realistic. It’s a task for this generation to give the next generation a hand. Hence, it’s time-based. Also, if everybody helps in their own way, we can achieve this goal.


Save Earth – The importance of going “green”

I remember looking through some photos on Facebook when my eyes stopped on one in particular. Zooming in further so as to see the scribblings much better, I realized how much foresight the picture contained. It displayed two instances with the chief characters being Earth and the other planets in our solar system.

In the first instance, Earth stood, with tiny human figures sticking out of her, glowing with her radiant beauty (colorful with the tree combinations and water). And the rest of the planet stood in her shadow glowering with anger and jealousy (They had a speech bubble over them saying: “Why can’t we have humans?).

In the second instance, captioned ‘Years Later’, Earth (still with humans) stood in gloom – her first beauty now lost. She was desolate in many regions and dilapidated in others. And the other planets seemed better off instead (their speech bubble now read: “Thank God we don’t have humans!!”)

At the very top of the photo, the caption “OUR POSSIBLE FUTURE” stood boldly…

Narration by Jane Love

The creator of this piece was trying to show us through an artistic medium what could happen if we refuse to take care of our home planet now (i.e. go “green”). Many people want to be given responsibilities in life – they want to contribute to society one way or another… to show that they care. So many of these individuals are still waiting because they believe that they don’t have these responsibilities yet. So many do not recognize how wrong they are.

For clear image, change your player resolution/quality setting to 720HD, or higher


The Plain Truth

preserving earthAs a teen, perhaps you are not obliged to pay the electricity bill, gas bill and all the other costs incurred. Your main focus is to survive education process and you don’t feel like you are putting in your quota and want to help out. Rough case scenario: you get a summer or weekend job which can get tiring and may affect your grades badly. Eventually, you are forced by circumstances to quit your job. Hence, you are back to wishing you could show you care. What you don’t realize is there is a simpler way to do so.

You don’t pay the bills, then help lower their final sum. Conserve electricity and water and their bills will be minimal. That’s showing you care!! For both the breadwinner of the family and conserving Earth’s resources.

Everybody, the minute they are able to distinguish between right and wrong, has an amount of responsibility given to them. When you were placed on this Earth, God gave her to you to be her caretakers. He entrusted Earth unto you saying: “Take good care of my creation. Bring out her true beauty.” The Bible advises us to be good ‘stewards’ of this gift from God.

Earth is a lovely planet – beautiful landscapes and forests; amazing scenery; spectacular water bodies. Do you know that there was once thrice the amount of beautiful landscapes, artifacts, creatures, etc. many generations back? Even the ones we are admiring now would not have been so if the few people who were wise enough to try to preserve them had not.


“Why is almost EVERYONE hitting on this topic of saving Earth?”

Why Save EarthPerhaps you may be asking yourselves this question. You may even be tired of hearing this same talk constantly. The thing is our generation has seen one of the greatest levels of the mishandling of Earth’s resources. Rainforests are gradually turning into deserts. Yes, it’s true that there have been many talks on this issue.

But we have seen little change!!

“Christianity is easy. I have occasionally heard this phrase – I knew it by heart. But the day I heard it almost a hundred times, I finally UNDERSTOOD. Since then, my Christian life has indeed been easy.”

Frank Chisom

Yes. We know that Earth is in crisis but the fact that we are not putting much effort to stop this issue before it escalates too far means we don’t fully understand the severity of it.

“If you want to understand something about a subject, read it over and over again (at least 27 times). This way, you are forcing your brain to analyze the information. It’s then that understanding sets in.”

Mr. Abubakar

“When I am writing an article, I normally do not notice important corrections that need to be made until I have proof-read it about four to five times. The funny thing is: each time I notice something different that I missed out. The question I ask myself is – how did I overlook them the past few times?”



Why there is little change

Majority of society is looking for someone to place the blame on for not taking proper care of the environment. Some time back, I was Skyping some elder friends of mine about the rise in natural disasters especially the rise in the levels of global warming. Some of them were quick to blame timber factory owners and the paper industry for the cutting down of the trees that trap excess carbon dioxide for it. Then, I made them realize that global warming is just ONE effect. I questioned them about the rise the frequency of floods in some regions. At this point, they were speechless.

Do you know why? A couple of them were cattle herders, ranch owners, etc. If I remember correctly, a major cause of flooding is overgrazing of cattle and erosion. They too knew this and realized they could be at fault there.

Not many people understand the fact that we all play a part preserving our natural environment. Most of the animals and plants that are extinct today are so because few understood the importance of preserving them. The people were so focused on self-development that they fail to consider its effects on nature. As a result, unique creatures like the dodo, passenger pigeons, etc. are missing from Earth today. Thus, we have much less biodiversity.

We are all stewards of Earth. Nobody is too small or big to take care of Earth. Even the littlest of litter you place in its right place is important.

Therefore, as one of our upcoming episodes, we are going to see how we can work in our individual lives to save Earth; how we can be good stewards of what God has given us.

Teen Voice.

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  1. Oops, I just realised I didn’t mention this before; thanks for linking to my post! 😀
    Awesome post to raise awareness, we all need to do our part in taking care of our home called Earth! 🌏

    And by the way, I suck at geography too. I had to take the class as it was mandatory, and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why we needed to learn the locations of copper mines, iron mines and whatnot, and I’d always get them upside down… I prefer understanding topics like physics and chemistry rather than memorising ones like history and geography. 😅

    1. First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this – NIKKI!!
      There. I used our randomly generated nicky for you, Nikki.

      Secondly, your post was amazing! I could not NOT link to it. 😀
      Thirdly, here’s another big THANK YOU.

      Fourthly, I feel you @ the flaws of Geography. i mean, whose idea was it to make it mandatory? 😛 . I agree. Chemistry, Physics and Biology are the real deal. 😀 😀
      Although, now that I think of it, History wasn’t that bad. Probably because I love reading and researching. 😛

      1. Haha, I think I’m getting used to the nickname already! 😆 And thank you for the big thank you. 😛😛😛

        Science FTW! 🔬🔬🔬
        I’d probably enjoy history if it wasn’t so dry and not in English (I don’t enjoy reading in Malay and every class that isn’t English is taught in Malay 🌀🌀). I’d probably be more motivated then if I had internet and the wealth of articles we have now, but well, no point crying over spilt tea. 😆

        1. 😆😆 See, I told you. You’re a natural.

          Yeah. Science FTW!!! 🔬🔬🔬 (whatever that means)
          I get your point. 😀

          Tea? Thought it was coffee 😛

          1. Caffè Americano
            Café Cubano
            Caffè crema
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            Café au lait
            Eggnog latte
            Freddo Cappuccino

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
            Laughter hiding secrets….

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