Spoken Word : Easter

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 Victory Parade

Jesus was innocent yet he was tried.

He committed no crime yet he was sentenced.

He was Deity yet he uttered not a word of protest.

Christ was to die like a criminal guilty of heinous crimes.

And The Enemy laughed and scorned him in mortal bodies.

Because he thought His death was a sign of a victory.

But little did the Enemy know that the success of his plan was predestined.

And not as a result of his “wits”.

That he was just a pawn in the Master’s GRAND PLAN.

Thus, he was petrified when the security of his kingdom was breached…

And his authority – destroyed.

Then, he watched helplessly as Christ rode triumphantly out.


The Sound Of A Victory

Sound the trumpets, Christ is risen!!

Sound the drums, the Enemy is beaten!!

Rejoice, o peeple

For Christ has fulfilled his duty.

The gap has been bridged.

Thus between man and God, He has ignited a meeting.

O the glory, O the beauty!!

Of our newfound fellowship with God Almighty.

The Confession of a Victor

Death is overcome!! Sin is defeated!!

So, we walk in sweet victory!

As a result, we reign in life… No longer ruled by strife.

And we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Finally, One Last Reminder

Obstacles and enemies are under your feet.

Don’t let circumstances force you to retreat

In your walk to achieving your goals.

Keep pushing and stay optimistic.


So celebrate this Easter season.

Because it’s a reminder of the reason

For our being

And our achievement potential.


Make this Easter more special than every other one. If your previous Easters were all about receiving, try giving out to those in need. Because Christ gave his life freely for all. Perhaps, instead of celebrating Easter alone, why not gather with friends and family? Instead of focusing on the noisy excitement of Easter, try focusing on its purpose.

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