Think Before You Act - Decision Broadway - Excess Change

Decision Broadway – Excess Change

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I am going to do something interesting today. I’m going to make you think – which is not something I like to do. In all honesty, I am not really in favor of thinking too much (…or at all). However, I occasionally drag myself into my thinking chair for a couple of minutes. It’s good practice.

“Don’t make rash decisions. Take a deep breath and think about what you want to do”

Stella Chisom

Moving On To The Agenda

You all know how I love to ask questions, right? Good. Because that’s what I have for you. So, my question is:

You walk into a store and purchase an item worth about $1 with a dollar note. But you are given change for $5 (you are given FOUR dollars). What would you do? Would you walk away $4 richer or return the excess change?

Let me know what you would do in the comments below. But if you are uncertain and need to “think” about it, then join my unknowing guests in their intriguing analysis of the scenario. That’s right. They have no idea we are listening in on their conversation.

That’s because they are completely made up to illustrate a typical mind activity in face of such a question. So, come on…

Pzzt! Pzzt!!

The “Goodie Shoes vs. Gangster” Mind Clash

Gangster: Do you even have to think about this? I would obviously keep mute. I mean, $4 extra – free of charge!!

Goodie Shoes: Why would you keep mute? It’s wrong.

Gangster: Don’t give me all that “right & wrong” rubbish. It’s not my fault the cashier wasn’t focused on his work. I didn’t steal the money – it was given to me. How is that wrong? It’s all good for me. This is just what I need to buy that video game I’ve always wanted.

Goodie Shoes: If you just walk away, you do know the cashier could get in trouble with his boss, right? I mean, think about it. The sales record will be $4 higher than the actual cash for the day. He’ll be held accountable for it.

Gangster: How’s that supposed to be my problem? Again, it’s his fault not mine.

Goodie Shoes: Yeah, sure. But you had a hand in it. Because you didn’t alert him of it.

Gangster: That’s your opinion – not mine.

Goodie Shoes: Do you believe in humanity? That any good can come from it?

Gangster: I fail to see how that question is relevant to our discussion.

Goodie Shoes: Just answer the question and you will find out.

Gangster: Then, yes, I do.

Goodie Shoes: And correct me if I’m wrong, you would have walked away with that $4 to add to your savings and buy a new game?

Gangster: Yes.

Goodie Shoes: Looking at your responses, does your decision make sense to you? You would put this cashier in a position where he can lose his job in exchange for a video game?

Pzzt! Pzzt!!

I seem to have lost quality connection with their discussion. But I believe what we have heard so far is enough for you to make your decision. If you already haven’t, let me know your choice in the comments below.

Final Comments

AND… before I go, I want to let you in on a little secret. That scenario above actually happened.

Some years back, I was in the same position. To find out what I decided upon and the life-changing discovery I made as a result of it, watch the video below.

For clear image, change your player resolution/quality setting to 720HD, or higher

And remember, Think Before You Act.

Teen Voice.

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    1. Hey Miriam, hope you’ve noticed the changes that have made to the blog.
      I have added the like button. However, like I informed you in your blog, I don’t use the dates because they interfere with other features of my site

  1. Nor $4 nor 40 could be worth one’s personality. Guilt. And pulling money out of the pocket of workers, families. Never should anyone think twice about to give excess back.

    1. You are right, Robert. I don’t think anyone could ever forgive themselves if they found out that they caused some families’ great harm by withholding excess and thus causing the breadwinner to lose his job.

      However, not many think of it in that way. Why do you think so?
      Jane Love recently posted…Jane Love Poetry #1My Profile

  2. Definitely return it. Taking something even as small as four dollars is taking someone’s livelihood. How do you know that the $4 wasn’t food for their children, being donated to a charity, or had to last them for the rest of the week? What if that $4 was the difference between keeping their lights on and going out of business?

    I can’t speak for others but it isn’t yours so give it back.
    Joel recently posted…April 2 – 8, 2017My Profile

  3. I feel everything depends on the situation and the people involved. As a kid, might not but as a grown up, i would surely give it back as i understand its after effects!!!

    1. I get you. And I completely agree. This sort of incident happened to me twice actually when I was younger.
      The first time, I didn’t give it back and was burdened by a huge load of guilt afterwards for about a week.
      Hence, the second time, although the temptations to keep it was there, I gave it back just to avoid feeling so guilty. It was then, I realized some of the after effects.
      Thanks for reading.
      P.S. You are awesome!!
      Jane Love recently posted…Jane Love Poetry #3My Profile

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