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The official website of the H.J Truthers – the community of individuals held together by their passion for learning and teaching others how to be their better selves.

We are H.J Truth – the founders of Harmonious Joy and the creators of the H.J Truther Movement.

Jane Love H.J Truth


It’s Jane Love here… I am the breezy, cracker of the team.

I currently host 3 Shows  Teen Voice, Perception, and Be The Solution (BTS)

I have a passion for creating impact in people’s lives and I focus on teens, and young adult because of my desire to see a more realistic generation of young people. People who have a genuine say and a true voice of their own… not just an echo of some celebrity they think they love.


Yoo…. Kingsley Peace flying in.

I am young and I like that!

I am bold and I like that too; but I have not always been like that. It was a conscious transformation I had to go through to become the better self I am now.

So as part of the H.J Truth team, I desire to reach people of all age to discover their true self just as I have done and still refining in the view of God’s word.

And yeah, I always love to remain positive.

Join me on my shows – Optimist’s Vibe, Proud Me and Encourage not Discourage; for an awesome experience.


What do you want to know about me?

You know I am called SOUL JA – at least you know that now.

I also a member of H.J Truth. I love the word of God in the Bible and I have conformed my life to the principles reveal in it.

It has made me a success.

It is my desire to see many successful people in the world and I have taken up the mandate to spread and teach the same word of God that has transformed my life and made me a success.

So that others out there will also have the opportunity to become the successes they desire to be. That’s what I teach on my shows – Into The Word, Impact Generation, and Relationship Matters.

Society has become one messed up issue – don’t you agree?

I mean, you hear of societal rebellion, profane behavior, strange illnesses, economic inequality and psychopathic killings (just to mention a few) all over the news. And some of them don’t even make sense!

We, for example, used to swing through moods and emotions at such instances – from pity and a feeling of helplessness at not being able to do anything to amend the situation, to wanting to wring the necks of initiators of these senseless deeds.

Yes, that was before.

Now, we realized that there is indeed something we can do. It’s something even YOU can do! It’s quite simple – if you can’t change the world, change the people that run it.

We have uncovered deep secrets that, if applied by as many persons as possible, will solve the global problems that have risen and we have presented them right here on this platform.

H.J Truth Chatting

That is what Harmonious Joy is all about.

With the help of a unique team of ministers, we are on a journey to make the world a better place by transforming the lives of the individuals.

Harmonious Joy is more than a name, it is a home. A place where individuals and groups can find shelter and family. The world is one messed up place, everybody knows that, and things are only getting worse.

You would agree with us that you would rather want to know how to steer your ship to your desired destination, than to sail blindly through the storms of life.

Harmonious Joy is a home where we discover the truth, and recreate our world in the process. We create an environment of faith, hope and love that is vital for success in every area of life.

Everybody needs hope; hope for the future. Nobody wants to be a failure. Everybody believes he/she is worth something, and subconsciously desires to be that success.

We make it a reality.

Through our diverse and spirit-transforming shows and teachings, we provide you with practical and guaranteed solutions, based on the word of God. We show you how to discover your true self, that successful you, in the view of God’s word.

H.J shows and programs are not only designed to be entertaining; they are also inspirational.

We arm you with the tools you need to break down the walls of challenges you face on a regular basis.

But wait, that’s not all.

We also teach you how to build a better life, and world in the process. That’s worth a few minutes of your day, don’t you think?

H.J Truth presents the world what it needs: the truth.

That is because we have faith in God’s word in the bible. We present the truth as God sees it and base our concepts on the word of God and real life experiences.

Again, that’s not all. In the process of discovering ourselves, we’ve also discovered that the truth is too good to be kept to hidden. That is why we, and all H.J Truthers, are sharing the message of the gospel all over the world.

We are on a mission to change lives, and bless the world in love. We’ve discovered that’s the best way to transform lives, is through love. And that is why we are here.

Every H.J Truther was once like you, one way or the other. Some were lost, battling with issues, others were okay, and some didn’t even know how to classify themselves.

But every single one has been changed by the truth of God’s word. And we all can testify to it.

We are here because we want to make the world a better place. We want to help you change your world, our world.

You can also play this important role. By joining the H.J Truthers COMMUNITY in sharing the concepts taught here within your social circles and spheres of influence. You will be contributing to make the world a better place and HAVING fun doing it.

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