Responsibility Crisis - Will It Ever End

Responsibility Crisis: Will it ever end?

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Welcome to the very first edition of Teen Voice. My name is Jane Love and I’m your host.

As a starter, I would like to ask this question:

What do you do when you are asked to do something that you don’t want to do?

Do you give in and comply? Or insist on not doing it?

I am as certain that many people will insist on not complying as that some may not. As for me, the one thing I really dislike is when someone ask me to carry out a task i am not interested in doing… especially when they are aware of this. What makes me even angrier is when they try to force me to do it. But over time, i have realized some truths that has helped me control how I react to such circumstances much better.

I always refuse in the situation where the task is a wrongdoing or unlawful (especially in accordance to the Bible). What about you?

I bet it’s the same. However, what I am referring to here are tasks that ARE lawful and right. Examples include normal everyday chores, errands, etc.

  • Our Fantasy

Many of us live in this dream world where we want to grow up quickly. So that, we can be free to do what we want and be rid of excess responsibilities. A stage of life when we can be the boss of our own lives.

“I just can’t wait to be 18.”

This is a phrase that’s common among us these days. We are all eager to go to college where we can avoid our parents’ watchful eyes. We want to be free.

And we believe that freedom comes at a certain age. Lol.

Hands up in the comments below if you, like me, used to believe in the lie of “less responsibility with age”. Hands down if you didn’t so I can applaud you.

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Let’s face:

  • The Reality

Responsibility does not decrease with age. The fact that we are maturing means we are becoming more reliable or open for more responsibility to be placed on our shoulders.

As a baby, asking me to do the dishes will be much more hazardous and disastrous than if I am expected to do so as a teen. First of all, I wouldn’t understand the task assigned to me. Hence, I may wreck the plates rather than clean them.

As a teen, I can’t be expected to go to an office every day (till late at times) to work so I can provide for the family. I may probably face a nervous breakdown. I mean, just going to school alone is enough to wreck most of our nerves and make some of us go bonkers.

However, supposing I was an adult, I would be able to carry out the task described above. This is because I have been through the proper training from schooling in my teenage years. Important lessons like TIME MANAGEMENT, PRIORITIZING, FOCUS, PLANNING, etc. would come in very handy.

Here’s a brief illustration of what I mean

  • The Fact

The truth is, it is rare to find someone who likes a lot of responsibilities on them. I am sure no teen likes chores because I don’t.

  • The Other Fact

If everyone gives in to what they really want to do as opposed to what SHOULD be done, the world would be ONE HUGE MESS!!

  • An Unchanging Fact

Whatever it is that you are given responsibility for, you have been trained appropriately to handle it – whether you realize it or not.


So, if you are asked to do something that you do not want to do, ask yourself:

  • Is it legal globally? Is it legal biblically?

If the answer to first question is positive and the next negative, consider refraining from that action. Furthermore, if the final question has the only positive answer, go ahead because THE WORD OF GOD is the HIGHEST AUTHORITY in Heaven and on Earth.

If both answers are positive, proceed to the next question.

  • Is it urgent? Is it important (i.e. something that should be done)?

If both answers are positive, what are you waiting for? Carry out the task!!

If the answer to first question is positive and the next negative, consider refraining from that action. Furthermore, if the final question has the only positive answer, go ahead because even though it may not be urgent, it is something that should be done then.


This has been a lovely episode and I have a great time.

Teen Voice.

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  1. Hey Jane. You are not alone. I also dislike responsibilities. Because i feel am too young and can’t handle them. But dear, this your article has made me seen the brighter side of things. That my parents and others give me certain responsibilities and not others because they trust i can and am the best person to handle it well.
    i have so realised that instead of feeling bitter because of the responsibilities ,i should be happy because its also a form of training for my present and for my future .
    God bless you girl.
    You are the best
    Vicky recently posted…Where Is That Your God? Dead or AliveMy Profile

    1. Thank you, Vicky. I see we have a lot in common – almost as if we are twins. Why do I say this?
      Well, it’s because i feel the same way occasionally that i am too young or not the right person for the job. But over the years, I realized i was looking through the wrong mirror of life which made my perception of things sometimes biased.

      Since then, a lot has changed – especially my demeanor to responsibilities. Quick question – what is one thing you were asked to do which you were as surprised as everyone else when you managed to accomplish the task?
      Jane Love recently posted…Responsibility Crisis: The Errand IssueMy Profile

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