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Collaboration With A Purpose Is Back With: Strength

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We’re back! First, we were ten with “Dealing With Loss”. If you missed that one and are interested in checking what it entailed, head on my Dealing With Loss Collaboration Series Intro post.

So, I know it’s been a while (April is so far away) but we’re here once again with a lovely package for you all. Before I let you in on what’s coming really soon, allow me to inform you of some changes.

We are proud to announce that our numbers have grown from 10 to 12. Secondly, the next five months will feature a collaboration series from us. You can find out more details here.

Our Theme For This Month

Alright! The first thing that usually comes to mind when one hears “strength” is muscles (nah, just you.). That’s because there is this weird theory that a muscular person represents a strong person. Indeed. I’ve seen lanky fellows beat up such people and so I don’t think that theory has any grounds to stand on.

Strength is not just about muscles; it’s much more than that. There are various forms of strength:

Physical Strength

In this case, strength is the ability of our body to exert physical force on objects. According to science (i think), physical strength is determined by the cross-sectional area of muscle fibers employed to generate force and the intensity of the employment. So, I guess that explains that muscle theory.

Emotional Strength

During one of my randomly generated conversations with my buddy – Addison D’Marko (she’s an amazing person, by the way), I finally acknowledged the existence of this type of strength permanently (all thanks to Addy, of course – did I mention that she’s like so wise?!)

It refers to an individual’s ability to deal with challenges and bounce back from them.

Mental Strength

This is often colloquially used to refer to any set of positive attributes that assist someone to cope with difficult circumstances. It is also known as “mental toughness”.

NB: All strength types can be built.


That seems like a lot to take in. So we decided to approach this theme from a broader perspective:


Post about either a time in your life when you felt an experience made you stronger or if you want to talk about strength in general

Meet the other collaborators:

  1. Ajibola Sunday
  2. Ipuna Black
  3. Jothish Joseph
  4. Tajwar Fatma
  5. Barb Caffrey
  6. Addison D’Marko
  7. Nicolle K
  8. Sonyo Estavillo
  9. Mylene Orillo
  10. Camilla Motte
  11. Manal Ahmad

I would love to introduce them more but I just love Nikki’s introduction of them. Do check it out.


Coming Soon.


    1. How I missed this – I’m not sure. I considered stealing it too but changed my mind at the last minute. Not because it wasn’t awesome (how could it not be? I mean, it was written by an awesome person) but because… okay, I have no idea why I did. Ha ha.

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