Jane Love Poetry #4

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This was supposed to be a splendid date-

a setup involving a strategically placed bait

that may eventually lead to a life-long mate.

But i am afraid you will have to wait-

I may be a little Late.


As i crossed the highway road,

i was freed from my heavy load

because when i exited the shop,

out of my hands – flew the cake.

Down on the ground i did drop

after i was hit by a car with no brake.


You will probably think my love confession was fake

and throw our conversation into anger’s lake

for what i hear from Dr. Blake

is that i may never wake.


Baby, i am alone on this track.

My body feels as though it was crushed by a bowling rack.

Everywhere i look seems black.

Yet even in this darkness, my love for you will never lack.


Dearest, I’m scared.

Should i come back?

Or should i go on being dead?

The Entire Trilogy

  1. Unconscious — You are here
  2. Waiting
  3. Desperation

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  1. what a good literary piece, i like the way you play around with the tenses from the future, to the past and then to the present. Also the way you take the audience into understanding your emotions. Not to mention the suspense throughout the poem and the captivating ending which make one to want to read more. Also the irony of the romantic tone even in the death bed shows your creativity.

    Keep it up, the best among all your poems i have read.

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