Jane Love Poetry #6

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I don’t know how long I have been crying

but my tearful face is drying

and to be calm what I am trying.

Dr. Blake’s words sent my heart flying –

I cannot imagine you dying.

now, in sorrow, I feel downcast

because, without you, I would be an outcast…

A character who plays in no cast.

I have a hunch this calm might not last.

Drivers like that – I would love to punish!

How can you spend the night drinking

only to set off driving

( in a way that hurt my sweetheart ) without thinking?!!

How can you hit down a person and then vanish?

You failed to assist because of the police arriving.

If I were an assassin assigned to you, I’d kill you without blinking!!!!

Dearest, your wound was nasty

but please do not be hasty

to forget that I will be here WAITING

until the day of your awakening.

The Entire Trilogy

  1. Unconscious
  2. Waiting  — You are here
  3. Desperation

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