The Effects of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence has almost now become a common occurrence that must take place after every two months of a relationship or at least once/twice within a year. In other words, its frequent happenings or cases has been so highly recorded in today’s world that many now see nothing wrong with it taking place.

Yes, it’s now a feeling of ‘it’s normal’, ‘it is bound to happen anyway’, or ‘it cannot not happen’. People no longer believe it is an error for such occurrences to take place. Apparently, most are claiming it is one of the seasonal challenges faced in relationships. They are even referring to it as the ‘Ups-and-Downs’ Phase of a relationship.

Okay, fine, you may call it whatever you want.

But come to think of it, honestly speaking, if the consistent yet occasional abuse of a child, a woman or a man – yes, a man; some just can’t stand up to the opposite sex – is what you call the ‘Ups-and-Downs’ of a relationship. Then, I guess, you should be honored as a world-renowned illiterate/fool. And yes, having described the ‘Ups-and-Downs’ of a relationship so outstandingly well, I place my vote for ‘Grammy award’ on you. 😀 lol.

Anyways, let’s zoom further into the true definition of domestic abuse.

What is Domestic Violence?

This refers to violence and the threat of violence that creates fear and emotional disturbances (both psychologically, physically, and spiritually) on victims, alongside, posing harm and massive damage on the fluency in the flow of a relationship or the normal functioning of a family in its secure and nurturing environment.

In other words, it is – basically – violence or physical abuse addressed towards your spouse, domestic partner, or significant other; usually violence by men against women. But almost rarely, women against men. This, however, can also be directed to children as well.

Well, then, now that that’s clarified. If you would all agree with me, effects just don’t pop up without any sign visibly indicating an impending negativity. In simpler terms, there are always signs that indicate a rising darkness. As a result, even to greater extent, there’s then hope or a certainty that these effects or aftermaths of the visible signs can be effectively eradicated and terminated. Note, these signs can also occur within the moments of occurrence.

So, come along with me on our domestic violence awareness campaign. As we take a stroll exploring and discovering ranging signs that are abound to pop up before a domestically violent situation occurs. This is our journey to the destination ‘Stop Domestic Violence’.

Early Warning Signs of Domestic Violence Acts

There are always, more often than not, early warning signs of domestic violence. And when looked into context; that is, the behavioral and emotional signs of a present act of violence, you would find signals of a troubled child, woman, or man. Here are some early warning signs of domestic violence you could look out for:

  1. Social Withdrawal
  2. Excessive feelings of isolation or rejection.
  3. Being a victim of violence.
  4. Feelings of being picked on and persecuted.
  5. Low school interest and poor academic performance.
  6. Expressions of violence in writings and drawings
  7. Uncontrolled anger.
  8. Patterns of impetuous and long-lasting hitting, daunting, and bullying behaviors
  9. History of discipline problems
  10. History of violent and aggressive behavior.
  11. Intolerance for differences and prejudicial attitudes.
  12. Drugs or alcohol use.
  13. Affiliation with gangs
  14. Inappropriate access to possession of, and use of firearms

The Results of Domestic Violence

Finally, now that these signs are no longer hidden from your knowledge, let’s explore the effects of Domestic Violence.  Firstly, it is undoubtedly true that these effects are obviously as a result of some ’causes’. But before we enlighten you on those, like I always say, you need to be even more determined and motivated to get rid of the problem by learning of its devastating force. This way, you have its detrimental impacts in mind. And when the knowledge of its causes is made known to you, you’d fight to the death to ensure its demolition in your life.

On that note, this is ‘Proud Me’ arousing the ideal ‘You’ to stand tall with a chest high and out as you emerge victorious striving for excellence in your home and attitudinal behaviors.

Here are some effects of Domestic Violence to keep in mind:

  • Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
  1. Become violent themselves in response to threats (in school or at home)
  2. Attempt suicide
  3. Use drugs and abuse alcohol
  4. Develop eating disorders
  5. They literally abuse themselves (i.e. cutting)
  6. Anxiety and depression
  7. Poor social skills
  8. They end-up entering into an abusive relationship later on
  9. Insomnia/parasomnias
  10. Lack feelings of safety
  11. Regressive behaviors
  12. Separation/stranger anxiety
  • Effects of Domestic Violence on Women
  1. Sleeping problems
  2. Depression
  3. Anxiety attacks
  4. Low self-esteem
  5. Lack of trust in others
  6. Feelings of abandonment
  7. Anger
  8. Sensitivity to rejection
  9. Diminished mental and physical health
  10. Inability to work
  11. Poor relationships with their children and other loved ones
  12. Substance abuse as a way of coping
  13. Physical abuse may result in death, if the victim does not leave the relationship.

Hey there, use the Comment Section below to contribute or ask your questions. Please limit your comments to the topic at hand; other discussions should be done on the #HJTruthers community forum

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      By the way, I hope – the collaboration team – would be holding another event soon. Trust me, your stories are touching in every way.

      All the Best!! 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot, Faisal. Am happy you found it helpful. Please, do not hesitate to check out other useful contents on the site. 🙂

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