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We just rounded up on our last topic series: Knowing Your Audience and also made a start on our new series – KNOWING YOURSELF.

From our previous quote, we discovered that “who you make yourself to be is determined by who you see yourself to be”. We went to talk about how we see ourselves and found out some astonishing truths.

I’d like to start with the:


“Who you see yourself to be depends on whose mirror you look through.”

Jane Love

I have watched quite a number of movies and documentaries on the human lifestyle that helped me understand this concept.

In the high school movies,  there are often three main categories present – NERDS, CHEERLEADERS (or more like popular), and JOCKS. I noticed that the nerds mostly preferred to cover themselves, their true identity/personality, in a shell. In other words, they were not so bold and confident enough to face the world.

This is because the endless taunting from bullies makes them feel less important and useless in such a way that they are unable to recognize how useful and talented they are. In other words, the circumstances they face has caused them to see themselves through the mirror (opinions) of these bullies.

In “How To Build A Better Boy”, Mae Hartley was constantly embarrassed by Neveah because she and Gabby were ‘nerds’. Gabby, although being her best friend, did not help in building her self-confidence at times. It was until they created Albert and he began to treat with love and affection, constantly telling her what a great person she was, that she began to stand up for herself and see how truly beautiful she was.

Now, I am not saying go and build your own robotic human who will be programmed to love you. No! By all means, no!

You already have people who love and care for you – God, family and me. Look through their mirrors as they will help you recognize your true potential and worth.


Types of mirrors (Knowing Yourself)

This medium shows you a reflection of how God sees you – who you were created to be, how you can become who you were created to be, everything you need to know about yourself (why you are the way you are: weird, etc).

Only the inventor of the laptop can tell you the full purpose he had in mind when working on its invention and secrets about it that are unknown to the world. In the same way, only the One who created you can accurately answer any questions you may have about yourself.

  • Inner Man

This mirror can be influenced by external mirrors. If I grew up being told constantly that I am worthless, I will grow to believe with all my heart that it is true. Hence, my life will be shaped by that “truth”.

Find out more about this in our bonus : 2 Dangerous Mirrors (coming soon). There we will reveal another mirror that equally as dangerous of this.


Watch out for our other bonuses – The 1 Mirror That Matters and The F Mirror ( where i will uncover the final mirror).

Keep in touch.

This is Perception.

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