Ye Are God's Masterpiece

Ye Are God’s Masterpiece

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Moving On To The Agenda

Quote of the Day

“You are the masterpiece of God. Therefore, make each day your masterpiece and be the best you can ever be.”

Paul Godzo, Bufia Movement

This is very much related to what we have been discussing in the recent articles. We have found out that in order for you to represent yourself properly in your speech, you have to know and understand both your audience and yourself.

We also went through the IDARE process of Audience Identification, Audience Analysis, and Research. And we saw how you can use it to better your presentation of yourself. But then, we also pointed out that unless you know who you are trying to illustrate, you can speak properly – even after following the IDARE process.

Therefore, I have been trying to help you think about who you truly are. This is the final article on the KNOWING YOURSELF series. And I’m going to conclude with this exercise.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is it that is so significant about me? How am I using it to better my world (and the people in it)? If I’m not, then how can I do so?

My Journey to Self-Discovery

I asked myself these questions a long time ago and took the time to actually find the answer to it. I discovered a lot of deeper truths about myself that has helped make my walk in life better. I’d like to share one of the discoveries.

I’ve always loved to talk – the idea of speaking my opinions in front of an audience excited me. Over the years, the feedback of people I talk with follow a particular trend. Almost all of them agree that I have a unique way of speaking and captivating the minds of my audience. All of them noticed that my personality adapts based on whom I am speaking with. In other words, the politeness and seriousness I use with an adult will most definitely not be the same with a little child.

As time progressed, I realized I had a unique gift in these areas. So, I began to ask myself how I can use it to better my life and the lives of the people around me. I prayed about it… thought about it… researched. After much thought, I began to act on my findings.

First of all, I began with small goals such as using my speech to cheer people up. Then, I progressed to encouragement, discovering self-worth, how to walk with God, standing up for the truth and many others. It initially was among family and friends but gradually, my sphere of influence increased to classmates, principals, working class, teenagers, etc. from across the globe.

I later decided to further my reach by making more use of technology. Therefore, starting with a WhatsApp broadcast on a variety of topics, I allowed God to use me to impact lives. My speaking in public career progressed through a lot of stages until what you see now. And I know God is taking me higher and higher.

Now, I can’t say it has been an easy ride all the way. What I’m saying is because I knew who I was and what I could achieve, it was easier for me to stick by my goals in face of opposition. I thank God for bringing me this far.

At the onset of this platform, the Spirit of Lord inspired upon me a way through which more lives can be impacted through people’s speech.

“What if,” he said, “More people decide to impact others with their words and actions? Wouldn’t that be great?”

I realized that he was right! Yes, there are already a lot of public speakers out there and loads more people with life-changing ideas waiting to be voiced. Yet, few are making an impact in our world. What if, just what if, I could teach them some of my secrets so their chances of having impact are greater? Then, more lives can be changed.

Hence, I was very excited at the thought.

Final Comments

It doesn’t matter who you are speaking to (be it a large crowd or your parents). You need to speak with confidence. But you can’t be confident about a person you don’t know.

Take time to find out who you are meant to be. Your purpose. And then, only then can your speech have great impact.

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