Rivalry Seems To Be Innately Human – NOBODY Likes To Lose

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Hello, everyone. How are you doing?

Today we are starting off on an interesting series… SIBLING RIVALRY.

This is something all of us encounter no matter how old we grow. Those of us who have siblings – be it one or eleven like Joseph – are always in one sort of rivalry or another. For many, it turns out to have negative effects whereas others are bonded more by it. This is because people react differently to wins and losses. However, here’s a global truth: NOBODY likes to lose (especially to someone they can easily be compared to).

Who is a rival?

A rival can be one of the following:

  • Someone or something with similar quality as another

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are rivals. They have similar qualities and till date, no one is sure yet who is the overall champ.

Beauty Soap firms are rivals. Their products have similar qualities and they are competing in the same market. So, they have to prove that their respective products are the better option.

  • The contestant you hope to defeat hence resulting in you being in competition with him/her

Talent Shows, such as America’s Got Talent, The Voice, America’s Next Top Model – are filled with some sort of rivalry. With all the loads of people auditioning and accepted, less and fewer contestants make it to each succeeding round. Even at the finals, there can only be ONE winner. Hence, contestants are having to up their game constantly in order to stand a chance of being selected.

On a smaller scale, take schooling for instances. In every class, there is competition for ‘best student’, “highest grades” and so on.

  • Someone who seems to be equal to you in quality or ability.

Take Moses and the magicians of Pharaoh, for example. They were rivals – Moses representing God and they representing the King of Egypt. They seemed to be co-equals.

When God used Moses to turn the water bodies to blood, they convinced Pharaoh into believing that it wasn’t the work of any supernatural being by using their magic to also turn water to a blood-like red color. However, as Moses’ supposed “trick” was on a larger scale, he won this round.

When Moses’ staff turned into a snake, they also turned their staffs to snakes but his snake fought and devoured all theirs thus proving his supremacy in that round as well.

Another biblical example would be David and Saul. Their battle skills were impeccable and they were constantly outdoing each other (unknowingly perhaps). In the end, because the Lord was with David, he became the best as declared by the citizens of the kingdom:

“Saul has killed thousands. David has killed tens of thousands.”

So these are typical examples of rivalry. It’s found everywhere, even in the Bible!!

Why do siblings compete?

There are many conditions that fuel competition amongst siblings. I have had many people come up to me and ask why they almost always seem to be competing head-on with their brothers and sisters. Is it wrong or can it prove to be a problem? How can they avoid it?

First of all, as human, it’s absolutely normal for one to compete for supremacy in a particular activity or task. This can have positive or negative effects depending on the personalities involved and how willing they are to accept and learn from any final outcome in the best possible way. Meaning that whether or not it becomes a problem depends on your reactions.

In our next article, we will continue on this topic.

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