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I just wanted to introduce everyone formally to our latest update.

A couple of readers approached me asking when I would return to the blogosphere and that they have missed my regular inputs. And that was such a sweet gesture for them to make.

To every reader, I truly apologize for my inactivity. I’ve just had a lot of activities¬†calling my attention. To be honest, I’ve missed the family¬†we have created and wished I could visit more regularly. However, this does not mean that I’m saying goodbye.

On the contrary, this gesture has given me a great idea. I started some newsletters somewhere in October (and have recently added a few more) which I believe can benefit us all. While the activities taking up my time affects the frequency of my posts, they do require me to make excessive use of my emails.

So, if you’re interested in hearing from me regularly or just want someone to talk to and don’t mind doing so via email, you can subscribe to any of my available newsletters below and receive all my email updates.

If not, I still have good news for you. I’m participating in another set of collaborations. So you’ll be hearing from me at least twice before the year is up. Yay!

Much love to y’all and I look forward to corresponding with you soon!

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