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About the kids’ picture show

For all you parents and adults, who have some kids around, here is a great opportunity to be an agent of positive change in their lives.

With so much inappropriate content floating around the web, it is becoming more challenging finding the right entertainment for the young ones today. You can hardly leave them online for long, alone, without the kids encountering some images you’d rather not want them to see.

That is why “the kids’ picture show” just made your day. With hundreds educational videos, this channel is filled with all the information your kid needs to learn language and various life skills.

The kids’ show is specifically designed for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and elementary school aged students. Not only are the animations engrossing, they go a step further to teach the kids valuable lessons in an enjoyable manner. Through engaging series like “life instructions”, “my fridge”, “poem of the day”, “communication skills”, and many others, kids are never with a daily lesson.

The poems, flash cards, songs and hilarious videos provide the kids opportunities to explore educational activities (like speaking, reading and listening).

The effectiveness, and positive impact, of show on the lives of children around the world are evident; their YouTube channel, alone, has received the 311,894 subscribers and well over 416 million views (as of the day of writing).

“the kids’ picture show” is recommended for all kids including ESL students, reluctant learners, visual learners, and even children with developmental disabilities (such as autism).


The Kids’ Picture Show Videos

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