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New Year, New Me

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It’s ten days into the New Year and I don’t feel as if I’m made any progress. Time has flown but nothing seems to have changed. I look busy but I’m actually nowhere close to my goals. I wonder what’s wrong.

I’m trying to think of something – a possible reason why I feel sluggish even though time’s racing by as if it’s fighting for its survival. But I’ve got nothing. No valid reason why all this is happening.

Maybe I’m not thinking deep enough. Whatever could it be?

Think, brain. Think! You can’t let this new year go to waste. What have you resolved to achieve this year?

Oh… that’s it! I haven’t written my New Year’s resolutions yet. That’s why I haven’t any direction yet. Yes, yes. I’ll write them down now.

My New Year’s Resolutions

There. Nicely underlined. Okay so this year, I want to achieve the following things:

  1. Turn 2 unfinished drafts in completed books
  2. Write more songs
  3. Start college (in September maybe)
  4. Do more tutoring
  5. Restart my daily inspiration broadcast (can’t keep my audience waiting for too long)
  6. Return to Legendary level of my #SpreadSmiles Challenge
  7. Focus on developing my poetry and art skills
  8. Make 100 new friends and connections
  9. Record a complete album

… … … …

(one long list later)

Wow. That’s a lot of goals for this New Year. I better get to work on them. Hmmm. Is it just me or do most of these goals look oddly familiar? Almost like I have seen them somewhere before. 🤔🤔

Could it be…? 😨 No, that’s not possible. 😅 … But what if it is? 😕

Alright, I’ll just compare it to last year’s resolutions to confirm they’re different. 😌Because there’s absolutely no way…they…could…be…exactly…the…same. 😱😱

😱 😱 😐 😐 😶 😶 😶

I don’t even know what to say anymore. How could this have happened? How is it that most of my resolutions are exactly the same as the past year? It couldn’t have been that I forgot them. I mean, last year was one of my busiest yet. I did a lot of things!…

Pause! ⏸️

Dramatic Interlude

Doing a lot of things is not what determines your success. It’s doing the things that matter – they bring you closer to your dreams and aspirations. This New Year, you must learn to prioritize. What activity is the most important? Which task needs to be focused on more?

Once you have set your priorities straight, you need to exercise some self-discipline. How much time do you have? How effectively can you work so that you meet that deadline? All these things matter if you want to reach this year’s target.

Play! ▶️

… Did they matter? Sure they did. Apart from the few unnecessary activities in-between, I’d say I made quite a lot of progress.

And yet I ended up with the same resolutions this year. So why do I bother with them anymore? I almost never fully accomplish some of them. What’s the point of it all? …

Pause! ⏸️

And Yet Another Dramatic Interlude

Good question! Now let’s answer it. We’ll start by defining the term “resolution”.

This refers to a firm decision to do or not to do something (a.k.a firmness of purpose). It is the quality of being determined or resolute (i.e. being purposeful).

Do you notice the words being used to describe this term? They are not just random words.

New Year, New Me. Ever heard of that?

I bet you have. It represents people outlook of things concerning the dawning of the new year. They see it as a year of better chances/shots at achieving their goals. They fail to take notice of the things which will make their resolution more effective.

What You Should Do

As you write your New Year’s Resolutions, have you decided to be firm in your decision:

  • be determined
  • unshakable
  • not soft or yielding to pressure
  • not shaking or trembling
  • securely established with more than adequate force or sureness in the success of your dream
  • unwavering in your devotion to the cause of achieving your goals?

No one promises a smooth, void of opposition trip to reach your target. But if you can make up your mind that, in spite of the difficulties you face, you will stay true to the path you have chosen to follow… those bumps that cross your path cannot deter you.

Because with each bump, with each interference, you come up stronger and more determined to make it across the finish line. it doesn’t matter how many times you fall. What matters is how many times you pick yourself right back up!

Keep going! Don’t stop pushing. And you’ll see that it was worth it. Your achievement will speak for itself.

Play! ▶️

… Well, I’m tired. I’ll rest now. And you’ll make sure you learn from our past mistakes. Okay?

We’ll talk again, new me.


Your 2017 Self

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  1. Haha, that’s an interesting way of writing about new year’s resolution! It makes me imagine a “how not to do things” video with pauses where the funky-haired professor steps in to explain things. 😆

    This is my first time writing my goals for the year, though I’m confident I’ll stick with them for most of the year. 😀

  2. My targets for the new year of 2018:

    Writing blog posts regularly. Much more than ever, at least once a week publishing something readable.
    Start new funds. New saving account, retirement fund to be built up. Actually these both are going to be realized this month. One at our new bank, other through independent financial advisory. ’Cause, once we all will eventually stop working, or we would like it to happen one day…
    Care more about health, rather on a daily fashion! And more about prevention than solutions. Having special attention on the right food! After all, we can remain the productive assistants for others only when we’re healthy and energized.
    Rebuilding the main website: providing secure order and payment options, presenting ALL of the gigs currently available through well-known job/gig sites. So, when the moment is right sometime in 2018, it would be entirely prepared for full freelance independence. Who likes 20% cuts by any service(s)?!
    Improving on Tweeter use, which I started already in last quarter of 2017, but there is room for improvements. Especially considering frequency. Tweeter is really a good tool.
    Creating more and better promotions of the gigs and myself. While, of course, preventing spam behavior. No one likes spam, neither do I! Blog articles are useful with such plans, as for one (old) idea.
    Try to apply improvements on writing! I’m not too proud to admit, it needs some. Let’s do it!

  3. I know I’m 6 months late to the party but I loved your post! I came to it because the last few days I’ve been doing a mid-term review of my life and looking at my new year’s resolutions etc. My resolutions this year are also similar to last year and I know that can be discouraging but I have to remind myself, as you put it “I’d say I made quite a lot of progress.” Progress is what it’s about.

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