An Brief Lecture On Violence

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The hot sun had a sizzling effect on the back of my newly-shaved bald head. It was not my idea to go all the way. It was the barber’s fault for making a mistake with the cut I wanted. An error so fatal for my image that this was the only choice I had. So it’s understandable how my thoughts about him were filled with violence.

I quickened my pace towards my destination. Why was this school so big? I had walked past almost fifteen buildings and still hadn’t reached my goal. If only these kids could behave themselves, I’d be saved from having to make these trips every Tuesday and Thursday. I have only had a month of such journies and my feet were already complaining.

At least the faces were getting less familiar. That meant the sessions were working.

That still did not deter my feet’s grumbling today.

“Don’t worry, buddies. Hopefully, this will be our last trip. I’m going to give them everything I know. It’s got to work this time around. It has to.”

Ten minutes later, I moved my burly, sweaty figure into a classroom. My audience was already seated – ready to learn.

“Sorry I’m late. Hope you’ve all had a great day so far. Let’s get on with the lesson.”

What is Violence?

The English Dictionary defines violence as:

behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.
“violence erupted in protest marches”
strength of emotion or of a destructive natural force.
“the violence of her own feelings”
However, society seems to have tagged the first definition as the ONLY meaning of the term. Little do they know that, in most cases, the behavior is as a result of the strength of emotions.

Types Of Violence

Self-directed violence

This category can be subdivided into suicidal behavior and self-abuse.

Having and expressing suicidal thoughts, making an attempt on your life and actually committing suicide all fall under the former. Self-abuse, on the other hand, basically deals with self-mutilation (the direct and deliberate injury of one’s self).

Collective violence

This is usually committed by larger groups of individuals or by states. Common examples include hate crimes by organized groups, terrorist acts, and mob violence. It could be subdivided into “political violence” and “economic violence”.

You can find more details on the difference between them and what they entail here.


So, this is really self-explanatory. Because here you have two countries/cities/armies fighting for dominion over the other. That means all the acts of violence such as shooting, deploying bombs, executions, etc are deliberate.

Sometimes, the side incidents during warfare periods fall under these. A good example would be the genocide of the Jews by Hitler during World War II. These were violent and cruel acts against the Jews. And only caused harm to his victims but to their families as well.


Any act of violence that does not necessarily end in injury or death can fall here. That is if it poses a substantial burden on individuals, families, communities, and systems globally.

The consequences can be immediate (or latent). Or they can last for years after the initial offense.

Interpersonal violence

This is aggression between family members or intimate partners. It can also refer to violence between unrelated individuals (a.k.a community violence).

Examples include child abuse (youth violence and child maltreatment), intimate partner violence – explained later, and abuse of the elderly.

Targeted violence

Assassinations, Kidnappings, or even rape and so many others fall in this category. Targeted violence can be both good and bad. Good in the sense that rescue missions, terrorist hunting, etc by the “good guys” are included in this category. Because, in each case, there was a specific target.

Forms of Violence

A. Gender-Based

“Gender-based violence” and “violence against women” are often used interchangeably. This is because most cases of this form tend to have women as the victims of such abuse. However, it does NOT mean that it refers only to the abuse against women. There are some instances where the man/male gender ends up being the victims.

B. Interpartner

Intimate partner violence (IPV) refers to domestic violence inflicted by a spouse or partner, in an intimate relationship, against the other spouse or partner. Domestic violence is the willful intimidation, and/or other abusive behavior perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. It is often in a systematic pattern of power and control.

“This can include acts of physical aggression, sexual coercion, psychological abuse and controlling behaviors.”

The World Health Organization (W.H.O)

Intimate partner violence can take a number of forms. Common ones include physical, verbal, emotional, economic and sexual abuse.

There are other terms which can easily be used interchangeably. These include:

  • intimate violence,
  • marital violence,
  • spousal violence
  • domestic violence

C. Physical Violence

This refers to any non-accidental act that causes injury or trauma to another person or animal by means of bodily contact. Children are often the victims of this form of violence. However, adults can also be classified as victims (in the case of domestic violence and workplace aggression.

Physical violence is the linking factor of majority of the types and forms of violence described so far.

It is also known as “physical abuse” which includes kicking, hitting, shoving, beating, throwing objects, etc.

At this stage, my voice sounded a bit hoarse and my throat felt dry.

“Alright!” I exclaimed with a clap of my hands. “Let’s take a short ten-minute break and then pick up from here”


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