Responsibility Crisis: The Errand Issue

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Welcome back to Teen Voice.

My name is Jane Love and I’m your host. Our topic for today is what I’d like to call: THE ERRANDIER.

What do I mean? I mean that you got a whole lot of options from which your superior could have chosen but the first name that comes to their lips first is yours – almost every time. There may be instances where you and other possible candidates are together yet as their eyes scan through you all, they land permanently on you. In simpler terms, you are everybody’s first choice when it comes to someone to send on errands. If you can relate with this, then I bet you’d agree that it can be so annoying and infuriating at times.

P.S. If you are my sibling and you are reading this, I am telling you in a not so subtle manner how much I dislike being the “errandier” of the house. Now that you know, you can go ahead and STOP IT PLEASE.

A Normal Occurrence for Me

It’s a bright and lovely Saturday and I’m surprisingly done with my chores early. There’s a reason for that – for today is the day appointed for my fortnightly GAMES MANIA. A day whose agenda is full up with endless gaming: Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Mercenaries, FIFA, Kinect Sports, Marvel Games, and the list goes on. I have my plans laid out and my equipment prepared. I start with the first activity on my agenda – C.O.D. As usual, the game has a story that must play out at the start (i.e. it cannot be skipped). Full of anticipation for an exciting game session, I wait patiently.

However, just as the story ends and I’m about to start, I hear my name being called upon. Out of instinct, I pretend not to have heard hoping they’ll move on to another name. But the voices just get louder to the extent I can literally calculate the amount of trouble I am going to be in if I do not answer the call. Finally, I reluctantly give in and go find out why I am being called. Almost always, it turns out to be an errand.

Even though I don’t want to, I go carry out the task assigned only to come back to another assignment which sometimes could have been done at one go had I been informed the first time. At last, after a couple of outbursts, I am free to return to my agenda. But I realize I have missed out on so many activities and my plans are somewhat ruined. Being a faithful gamer, I make do of what I have left and assure myself that today won’t repeat itself.

Two weeks later….

It’s a bright and lovely Saturday and I’m surprisingly done with my chores early. There’s a reason for that – for today is the day appointed for my fortnightly GAMES MANIA….

A Narration by Jane Love

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I’m sure this is also a normal occurrence for many of us. Perhaps not particularly game plans but the whole concept of errands ruining your day.

I am really interested in knowing how your case differs from mine in the comments below. Or perhaps how much you enjoyed pushing errands unto your younger siblings 😉 .

Are you, like I once did, looking for a way out? Ever wondered why?


Here’s why

The reason why your name is the first everyone’s eager to mention/ call upon for a particular duty is because you have proven yourself to be reliable in that field. You have shown that you do things to the best of your ability and get the greatest outcomes from them. You are now someone who doesn’t make a big deal of everything but happily put in your all. So, they are confident that you are going to accomplish the task well.


The Upsides/ Benefits of being an Errandier

  • It serves as a sort of training for the future.
  • It helps you to adapt to situations of different forms.
  • You get a lot of recommendation.

The fastest media through which news can travel is through the word of mouth (kinda like how gossip flies).

Jane Love

  • You are instilling the mindset that no matter what I face, once I set my mind to it, I can overcome it into yourself.
  • God’s blessings rain on you for being obedient.
  • And plus, because you are so eager to get back to whatever it is you were doing, you will find easier, faster and effective routes to completing the activity. In other words, you gain time management skills.

‘I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.’

Bill Gates

So when you are called upon for errands, don’t see it as a burden. Instead, take it as though the person has challenged you saying: “I believe you can do this. Do you think you can?”. And whether you think you can or not, take up the challenge saying: “Well, I think I can try.”

Because you can never really know your true potential until you make an attempt at the task.

Therefore, if you are ever called upon for an errand, see it as a mission which, out of every person there, only you can accomplish. God bless you.

Teen Voice.

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  1. Yeah… This is so true…. being the last born or the family favourite is not easy, but it has its perks too. And yeah Jane, I sometimes do as you illustrated. Those voices…. wow, they can be so real

    1. Glad someone else has been in my shoes. As much as there are perks, don’t you sometimes feel as though they are of equal weight as the non – pleasantries?

  2. It’s true that you can embrace roles assigned by family, and this article shows a terrific attitude about that. OTOH, family members can also assign other, more harmful roles. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to accept this for your entire life if it’s not who you want to be.

    Enjoyed this article immensely, and this blog looks like a classy place. 🙂

  3. 🙂 I had to smile on the P.S. part, really good. I’m the family’s youngest, far from being a teenager these days, but I do remember the times. Well, I had to learn making choices between tasks and growing an extra layer skin and sometimes saying nope.

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