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Everybody has a unique voice. But not everyone has the opportunity for their voice to be heard. In the world that we live in, when there is a clash between two opinions (voices), the elderly voice/voice of wisdom tends to be heard most of the time. In Teen Voice, Jane Love discusses tips that gives your voice an equal chance of being heard. This is a grand opportunity for the youthful generation of creative minds to boldly, and outwardly express their genuine say and true voice.

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How do they view you? How is your audience seeing you? Perception is a podium given unto great speakers – people possessing or seeking outstanding influential trait, speakers that desire to appeal a bit more their audience. Perception – know your audience, helps make you the focus of their eyes and the hero of their hearts holding the key to truth and wisdom.

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It’s so easy to place the blame on someone else when something goes wrong. Most people find it extremely difficult to take responsibility for their actions. To tell you the truth, it ain’t fun either. Sadly, this marks the distinction between the matured and the infant… Where do you stand? Be the Solution offers tips that trains you to be the “matured” – the one that takes upon the task and resolves the problem. The one ready for success.

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Kingsley Peace Shows


Do you know there is a view of the world that Optimists have? Kingsley Peace teach viewers to be optimistic in diverse environments and situations, whereas, embedding into them a mindset of positiveness and possibilities. Doubly, transforming suppressive mentalities into that of Victors and Kings – one that overcomes and cannot be overpowered.  Finally, grounding mindsets in faith and hope towards the potential ability within them to achieve greatness despite current happenings. And then maturing their thinking into a Realist’s mindset.

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Unveils the ideal you – the “you” with the potential to attain perfection. The “you” that satisfies the circumstances perfectly and achieves every task at hand. In this program, you are trained how to produce results with an outcome of excellence – one that generates a sense of satisfaction, pride and exhilaration.

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Transforming you into a motivator and a source of joy . Here you are taught how to always and at all times lift the spirits of all those you encounter; in a long run, making you an ideal personality to confide in, in times of help and comfort. This program makes you a “day-setter” – someone that sets the day of many into a mode of success and excitement.

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DIVING INTO THE BIBLE     Still searching? Still yearning for answers? We’ve got it all. Join us as we journey through the Word in a promising expedition of unveiling the truth. Here you are provided prominent answers concerning your pending and heaping questions from God’s unfailing Word.

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Ever wondered how we – the Kingdom of God – got this far? Or how doctrines has advanced from a lesser truth to a higher truth? Wonder no more. Inside these premises, we review the lives of Legends – God’s Generals – that has contributed over past years to the growth of this Kingdom we dwell. Here we study and learn from their lives and experiences.

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All that is related to relationship are discussed right here – the God kind of relationships, the issues that arises in relationship, the essence of relationship…and so many more. Join us here to find out where you fall.

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