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EVERYBODY talks. Be it sharing your latest holiday experience, just talking about your favorite food or perhaps asking your parents for something you want (maybe a new game – Mercenaries 2?), you are giving a speech one way or another. You’re talking and trying to convince them. In the end, how they see you (i.e. how you present yourself) will determine whether you get what you want or not.

We all know Rowan Sebastian Atkinson (A.K.A. Mr. Bean), right? We probably know as the guy who acts all crazy, silly and funny sometimes in his movies (I believe my favorite is Mr. Bean in France). But do you know that there are movies where his character acts sensibly and like a hotshot. We all love him anyway, right?

So the way people perceive you is determined by how you portray (present) yourself. And one of the common ways to do this is through your speech.

My name is Jane Love and this is Perception where we help you make your speech represent you – and you alone; help you get what you want.

How would you like to be control how people see you? How would you like to say a few words yet create a great impact? Well right here on this show, we are going to  that opportunity by giving you speaking in public tips that you need.

Some may argue that they do not speak in public. What they fail to realize is that once you have an AUDIENCE, you are speaking in public. That’s one thing you’ve got to understand. I learned the hard way. As a result, there are many goals I could have achieved if I knew these things that I’m about to teach you.

I do not want you to learn the hard way because I love you just as Christ loved me (and showed it by helping me discover these speaking in public secrets).

So I’m going to teach you right here on this platform and you are going to learn. You are also going to teach others because it’s depressing and difficult to learn the hard way – so, just I have helped you, help others.

An Amazing Bonus (essential if you want to speak in public successfully)

In addition to all these, we are going to help you change your life for the better. How? Well, in this course of teaching you how to speak in public, we will help you find out who you truly are – Discover who God has created you to be. Because you can get all these tips that we teach you but if you don’t know who you are, your presentation will still SUCK. That’s why we want to assist you in finding your true potential, value and self.

Therefore, consider this as a gift from H.J Truth – our reach out to you on this lovely platform of Harmonious Joy.

I look forward to talking with you more in our upcoming videos and God bless you for watching.

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