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It’s completely normal for teenagers to go through all these mood swings, to suddenly become angry and have no way to control themselves. That’s what every scientist or expert will tell you.

But what if I told you that’s not completely true. It’s true in a sense but in another sense, it’s not. I know we are teenagers – the bridge between childhood and adulthood. And we got all these hormones racing through our bodies, minds, and spirits. Hence we find ourselves going through stages in life filled with mood swings. And we do not know how to control nor deal with it.

Well right here, on Harmonious Joy, in this lovely program of Teen Voice, we are helping you voice out your emotions and opinions the right way. Everybody has something to say. And everybody has an innermost desire to be heard.

The Common Belief of Teenagers

Most of us, especially me (I used to think that way but now my perception has changed), believe that whenever there’s an elderly person present, our voices tend to be diminished. However, I am telling you that right here, in this program, we’re going to be teaching you how even though there’s an elderly person who seems and is kind of correct, your voice and opinions will still be heard by the steps and processes we teach you here on Teen Voice.

We’ve all been through it – circumstances, daily activities, a friend does something against you, relative says something wrong about you, you get hurt, you are corrected. You don’t always like it but… STUFF HAPPENS and it’s imperative you know how to deal with it.

I completely understand – I have been there. Everything you are experiencing, I’ve experienced and still am. But I have learned truths that has made these teenage years much easier and happier for me. An enjoyable teenage without stress nor aggression. And I want to help you out.

I understand what it means to feel as though you are not being heard (or listened to) enough – it happened to me. But not anymore!! That’s because I’m following these steps that I want to teach you. I want to give you an inside look on these secret life tweaks that will change your life forever and change people’s perceptions of us. Will you let me?

We are ONE voice. We DESERVE to be heard.

Stay tuned to Teen Voice – right here on Harmonious Joy.

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