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How would you like the concept of being in charge of how people see you? Of being able to control people’s perceptions of your lifestyle, attitude and who you truly are? Interested in finding out speaking in public tips?

Well, right here, I am hoping to give you that opportunity and this is how I am going to do it. Welcome to Perceptions where we help you find out who you truly are and how to captivate the minds of people by your speech and actions.

My name is Jane Love and I am your host for today.

So, as an introduction to this whole new idea of Perceptions, we are going to discuss a very key aspect I’d like to call – KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE.

In life, you have probably given speeches, either directly or indirectly, to a crowd of different sizes (large, small, family, friends, nemesis). Some may not agree but do you also disagree that you do not converse frequently with people?

No. That’s because EVERYONE talks. Be it sharing your latest holiday experience or speaking your love for a particular dish, as long as there is conversation/ discussion, there are speeches being given. However, very few people are able to achieve the communication goals that they have.

What are your communication goals?

These are based on the message you are trying to send across to your audience each time you talk. Some examples will be ensuring that the message is received properly (i.e. in the right manner) and that the right message/ understanding is received.

They are very key to the production of effective results from your speech. So, the whole point of knowing your audience is to help you to achieve your communication goals. Research shows that individuals that know their audience and understand them are able to achieve almost every single goal they set.

If you notice, I said two things: knowing their audience and understanding them. That’s because they are very different. You can know your audience but not understand them. For example, you are aware that you are supposed to speak to children and you are very much aware but if you are unable to understand how they think, you will still not make progress in passing the right message on. This is because you can tend to use “jargons” which make your talk sound like gibberish to them.


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A Brief Comparison

Let’s relate these two concepts to another two – Demographics & Psychographics.

Demographics are statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it. That’s what knowing your audience is basically about. You find out the size of it, the type of personalities involved, approximate quantity of each personality, etc.

Psychographics is the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research. Understanding your audience involves just that. It means you will be able to think like they do hence crossing out any possible doubt they can have with you talk. As a result, it’s what really matters.

How does A Mix of Both Useful Pubic Speaking Concepts help?

It helps you to understand:

  • How much your audience knows about your topic
  • What goal are they trying to achieve by listening to you
  • Their perspective of your topic (what they think)


The “IDARE” process

This is one of the best ways to knowing and understanding your audiences. IDARE is an acronym for:

  • Identification

Is your audience a group of engineers or kids? Are there mainly children, men or women?

  • Analysis 

Thinking from the point of view of each category in your audience. Try to find out what they might be trying to get from your talk. For example, what would an investor be looking out for in your company’s sales pitch of that region which you head as compared to your overall boss?

  • Research

This can either be online or offline. You research on how to present your talk in a way that your point is understood by every single mindset that make up your audience.

So, if you want to erase the risk of boredom, you can make your speech entertaining and appealing to the eye as well as the mind.

Final Comments

The whole idea of IDARE is making sure your audiences understand what you are trying to present. If you don’t know who they comprise of, understand each group and do proper research, you will not achieve this.

So you see, speaking in public (or talking in general) is not something you just do. It takes planning. Even now as I am writing this, I must have done some analysis of the people I expect to read this. It’s short for those who dislike lengthy articles yet detailed enough. Don’t you agree?

We will discuss this process further in our next episode. Keep in touch.

This is Perception.

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  1. There is a great quote by Joe Poyer that states, “Thorough preparation makes its own luck.”
    There is another quote by Charlie Batch that says, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”

    Need I say more?
    Joel recently posted…How Bad Do You Want It?My Profile

  2. You put a lot of effort into these broadcasts, don’t you? Audience research is very much in my consciousness much of the time as a writer. You did cover what I believe to be the most important part, knowing what your audience wants from you. To put it into a writer’s context, it is speaking the reader’s language and telling them a story they want to hear/identify with. Hmm, I think I just got an idea for a blog…
    John recently posted…Dungeons & Dragons BeyondMy Profile

    1. Yes, John. I do. I try to make them as simple as I can so everyone can fully benefit from them.
      Love your writer translation too. 😀
      Glad to hear about the onset of a new idea for a blog. Let me know when it is finalized. Will love to check it out.

  3. I really look up to public speakers because I know the feeling of having to stand in front of so many people. I guess the only thing that helped me survived through those times is having to put my speech to heart. It works all the time! Anyways, great post. Cheers!

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