Getting Rid Of The Labels

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Labels. They serve as a means to classify and identify items/ goods. They come in various forms, sizes, and colors which all assist in classification.

You can walk into an average kitchen and see labeled bottles (e.g. mayonnaise, some spices, etc.) here and there. Without these labels, one can’t differentiate between stuff unless, of course, by experimenting.

Well, can you imagine mistakenly pouring spoonfuls of salt into your coffee instead of sugar? Even the thought of that is very horrible. I mean, for some of us, the coffee is already bitter as it is and now it tastes salty too? Yuck.. just yuck (sorry dear coffee lovers)

Labels In Society

Now it’s not just inanimate objects that make use of “labels”. You see, even in society, you can see this everywhere. Someone’s nationality, religion, age range, behavioral patterns, etc. are all labels used to identify which part of society they belong to.

While this can be useful at times, there are circumstances where it is the root cause of problems.

Did you know that a majority of wars and societal issues these days are caused by the labels?

“When I drive my car, you don’t confuse my car for me. So when I drive my body, why do you mistake me for my body?”


The root of racism comes from the labels. Our bodies are like cars we drive around.

The dealership we call society decided to label some the “black” edition and others the “Irish” or “white” edition. And with no money down, 0% APR, no test drive, we were forced to own these cars for the rest of our lives.

I fail to see the logic or pride in judging another by the cars they drive because who we truly are is found inside.

Prince EA

You see no baby is born racist and yet every baby cries at the sound of another baby’s sorrow.

Case Study – The Effect Of Hitler’s Label during the Holocaust

Take the HoloCaust as another example.

An era when millions of innocent people who were killed just because someone else labeled them “inferior”. Economies destabilized, infrastructure worth millions destroyed, and potentials lost (perhaps the next Einstein was among them).

All because one man decided that the Jewish race was “inferior” and not fit to live. Therefore, this label led to the loss of numerous lives.


In summary, over 60 million people were killed, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population (est. 2.3 billion). That was the effect of one label.

A car cannot label a phone as inferior because there are many functions a phone can carry out that it can’t. In the same way, we’re in no position to label anyone as inferior because everyone is unique in their own way. You may be a better writer than me but you never know – perhaps I’m a way better artist.

Labels in the Academics Society

Many students are labeled “failures”, “stupid”, and “inferior” just because of an exam they didn’t pass. Or even due to the fact that they failed a Calculus test.

Sometimes, the weight of it is so much that some resort to suicide as a way to “take it off”. Either way, we lose out on so much talent. Perhaps he/she could be the next Michelangelo.

“If you try to force a fish to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid”

Albert Einstein

Not everyone can be an Einstein or Eddison who, after numerous “failures”, did not give up but kept working towards their goal. No two people are the same. Hence, you cannot measure someone’s success by another’s. You cannot label someone based on what it seems like they are failures at.

“I don’t see problems, I see challenges. Because problems need a solution but challenges are just platforms for undeniable victory”

Jane Love

One Step Toward a Unified World

What would you be if the world never gave you a label?

We say we want a more unified world. Well, if we all agree to remove these labels that divide us, we’ll be making progress toward that goal – one step at a time.

It may seem impossible. Why wouldn’t it? Most of us have had to carry them all our lives. And so they’ve gotten stuck like a bad habit refusing to go away. But we need to understand that these labels will forever blind from seeing a person for who they truly are unless we get rid of them.

Just like bad habits don’t magically “go away”, I’m not saying I expect us to get rid of the labels overnight. But we can at least try – how hard is that?

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  1. Excellent post. The world must unite to fight against racism. “I don’t see problems, I see challenges. Because problems need a solution but challenges are just platforms for undeniable victory,” the best quote of the day by the smartest student.
    Sadaf Siddiqi recently posted…Taking one step.My Profile

  2. An awesome post on a widespread problem! I agree; a fish can’t climb a tree so why force it to? We should all just appreciate each others’ strengths. 😀

    1. Thanks, Nikki.
      Egg-xactly! But you do realize that’s what schools do these days. We, the students, are the fishes. We all have different strengths and different skills but we’re all taught the same way and expected to achieve the same result. Ha ha.

      1. Yeah, sadly. I still remember when I was 13, I was doing badly with history and when the teacher in charge of my class asked why, I said I dislike history (and all memorising subjects as a whole). She answered, “[Top student] also hates history but still gets As for it; why can’t you?”

        The funny thing was, 4 years later, I scored all As in English and science subjects (physics, biology, chemistry, additional maths), which is a pretty big achievement according to others, and yet I still scored a blah C in history. Hey, at least I passed. 😆

        1. Ha ha ha. I also hated history (and all memorizing subjects as a whole) too! What I did to make it interesting is to challenge myself to make every boring piece of information come alive with my imagination. I also sometimes saw it as a puzzle of finding and fitting in the missing pieces. Basically, I did anything that will help me get a good grade. 😆😆

          I put my writing skills to work. Not many can do that. Your difficulty with history was mine with additional math. In class, I do so impeccably well but when an exam or test came, big bombs were the results. And just like you… All As in everything else except Add Maths (got a C)! But hey, at least we PASSED! 😆😆 Cause that’s what matters, right?😆😆

    1. Yep. It’s one thing to say it and for people to hear. But it’s another to actual get people who are willing to put their words into action. 😀
      Thanks, Sunshine

  3. I definitely agree with the aspect of testing students and the label that is placed on them as a result of a score. There are many aspects of intelligence and brilliance that can’t really be tested. I find that labels only sets us back.

    1. Right. What makes it worse is that it instills a supposed feeling of superiority into people right from a very young age. Kids learn to look down on others even though education claims not to be teaching that. It truly is a sad setback.

  4. Hey Jane, awesome post. I totally agree about labels. I remember the days when there were only a few labels and they weren’t good, but now everyone wants to be in a specific category. We are all people of the human race. Yes, we are different, but our differences should not set us apart or above the next person. No one person is better than the next. We all have challenges and successes. Love conquerors all. #keepwriting

    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. You have made very solid points that are very true. If there’s any problem, it’s the wrong labels out there. Let’s agree to get rid of them.

  5. It requires a gradual process to cure the world form black and white thinking. Making the world a better place starts with everyone of us, and we must take that baby steps in achieving that harmonious world where dreams comes true. Thanks for sharing and stay blessed.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Janvi. Always nice to see you around.
      I’m sorry for the late response. Do feel free to browse around the rest of the site

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