Why Do Siblings Compete?

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In our previous article, we discovered what the term “rival” represents and started on the sub-topic of:

Why do siblings compete? (continued)

Like I said before, there are many conditions that fuel competition among siblings and that whether or not it becomes a problem depends on your reactions.

Some of the reasons siblings may feel compelled to compete include:

  • Favoritism

I have had relatives refer to me as their “favorite”. Now, in most cases, being a favorite means getting some special treatment, more attention, more likelihood to get away with stuff. Plus, lots of gifts and goodies whenever they pass around. In this case, siblings tend to attempt to outdo each other at whatever criteria used to pick favorites. If it was cuteness, then everyone’s trying to “cute” up. Lol.

  • Jealousy

This is slightly different from the favoritism aspect. I’ll try to use this scenario to explain.

There are two brothers – James and John. They are both great at sports but James was better than John in soccer just as John was a potential basketball star whereas James flopped at it. They both have the same circle of friends.

Whenever it’s time for soccer, John cannot stand the attention and fans James received (It made him burn with jealousy) and vice versa in the case of basketball. Because they know they cannot outdo each other in their respective best sport, they seek to perfect themselves in what they do best with the hopes that their achievements will outshine the others.

Although they may not be aware, it’s a win-win situation for them because they are becoming the best they can be in those sports. However, their source of motivation is not the best.

  • Fun

We can compete to find out who is the better gamer, singer, story-teller… you name it. These competitions are just for fun and normally do not carry any weight. They are usually the ones which create memories we tend to never forget.

  • Trophies

Trophies, in the case of siblings, can either be actual trophies or a grand prize at the end. For example, two sisters can compete to get the best grade on a particular subject just because their parents promised the best a trip to Disneyland.

Two adult brothers can compete to make something of themselves in order to get their father’s approval.

In the Kronk’s New Groove, you see all he went through to get a ‘thumbs up’ from his father. Now, it’s the same scenario just with other competitors.


1 thing to remember

Whenever you compete with your brother or sister, whether you win or lose (especially if you lose), consider this before you react.

I once saw a picture on Facebook which I love so much.

Friends come and go but family is yours for life. They’ll never leave you hanging… so stick with them.

Watch out for our next article where we move on to the effects of sibling rivalry.

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