Tips on How to Avoid Pessimism

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Hello people,

Kingsley Peace in the house once again and it’s good to have you back. So, welcome back. Well, last week we spoke about something really exciting…I mean yesterday we spoke about something really great involving the analysis between Optimism and Pessimism in a relationship – where we got to discover that Pessimists do not always work out well in a relationship, whereas, an Optimist would always work out well in a relationship.

Alright, today, what do we have in mind? But before we proceed, I remember quite well that Jane Love was here – hosted on this show – and she led us through some practical scenarios in which we had to address applicable solutions to each. And yeah, it was fun and a success too.

Well, surely and without doubt, I know there were lessons learnt and hope that it doesn’t stop there but actually proceeds into the implementation of every lesson learnt. You know, what use is it to gain wisdom/knowledge and not effectively use it…then it would be better-off if you’re never privileged to have gained it.


I remember quite well an old saying suitable for this lesson. And it states:

“Education is not what you’ve learnt BUT Education is what remains after what you’ve learnt”

Which is quite similar to Einstein’s quote that states:

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Albert Einstein

You know, education is purposed for eternity – it should stick forever. Alongside improving and molding you into a better ‘someone’. It is an artwork implicitly and significantly designed for enlightenment. Doubly, the demolition of the dreaded force of ignorance.

That is a true logical analysis of the essence of Education. I mean, what use is it…what use is the teachings…what use is the lessons…and what use is the hard work if you are unable to apply that learnt lesson in reality due to your lack of remembrance. Well, I believe every lesson life teaches through any means in particular should be highly applicable to your situation, circumstance and surrounding.

So, basically, what you’ve learnt and then what remains becomes ‘Education’.

Okay then, now that’s sorted out let’s proceed. Well then, today, I believe should be more impactful because we’d be giving out free tips on how to avoid pessimism.

So, how can this be done? Well, it isn’t difficult.

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The Basic Solution

Here’s a basic solution – Making a conscious effort in trying your best in doing something positive…thinking positive…acting positive…and you know, living your life in an optimistic way.

Oh really, yes. But How?

Okay here’s some first-case scenario. Let’s say, I wake up one blissful morning feeling all depressed or maybe one day arrived at work and found out I just got fired or how about the other way around; I arrived home from work and to my shock, I find out that my house has been burned down and my properties all gone…Well, how do I still remain optimistic as to avoid pessimism in the midst of these tragedy?

Here’s what you do – BELIEVE. Yeah, although that may sound as one of stupidest things to do within such crisis. I mean, I should be weeping profusely or cursing the flames and its accomplices BUT here you are telling me to do this. Well yeah, you should BUT don’t forget to BELIEVE after it all.

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Hey there, use the Comment Section below to contribute or ask your questions. Please limit your comments to the topic at hand; other discussions should be done on the #HJTruthers community forum

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