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The Pathway To Achieving Set Goals

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Hello everybody.  My name is Jane Love and we are back again with Perception. In our previous episode, we had a lovely time getting to know what it means to be able to make yourself heard and how you can do this by understanding your audience – not just knowing them. Furthermore, we talked about three key points in understanding your audience (and achieving set goals) which we summed up to form the IDARE process.

Today we are focusing on one of those key points – Audience Identification. In order to achieve every set goal you have for speaking, you must first do this. Otherwise, it will be like confessing your feelings to the wrong person thus creating a lot of confusion.

How can you identify your audience?

It’s simple. There are various ways and means but the one way I want to really focus on today is collecting demographics.

Like I said before:

Demographics are statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it. Examples of these such data includes average age, beliefs, cultural background, educational level, income level, size of population made of a particular gender, etc.

1st Case Study

First of all, you have been asked to organize and speak at a seminar in Kenya for your company’s latest Women’s Beauty product range. These products are anti-wrinkle soaps, spot remover soaps and cream, excess face oil remover soap, sweet scented body lotion of different flavors, etc.

They all contain healthy nutrients that make your face and body glow like a newly wedded bride. The whole point of the seminar is offer alternatives to what they are used to. And how successful your seminar is will determine whether your firm opens up a branch in Kenya.


How you can identify your audience using demographics

You can collect demographics online – simply input your search details (perhaps facts about Kenya, GDP per capita: Kenya) and look for what you need.

You can also collect them the old-fashioned way – books. Visit a nearby library and look through the history section… there’s bound to be information there. If you have no idea where the history section is, ask for help from the librarian.


How do your findings help you?

Finding out the average income levels and age distribution (in addition to dependency ratio) will help you company fix appropriate prices for your products. Now, I say average income AND age distribution because some of your products may be aimed at the elderly and others at the young (teens, babies, young adults).

How are these linked? Well, supposing there are more people who are 65+ years old, there is a possibility that the dependency ratio is high. Therefore, even though they may be potential customers, most of the cost will fall on the young adults in their families.

Hence, you may have to be considerate about your pricing if you want these cost-bearers to purchase their portion of your product range.

There are other points but that’s just an example. Perhaps, you can think of another and let me know.


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What other method can you use to identify your audience?

You can ask someone with a lot of experience. If you can find people who have previously held seminars in Kenya (particularly the region you are planning to have yours), you could ask details about the turn-up and other stuff that you are interested in finding out but are too busy or maybe lazy to do yourself.


2nd Case Study

I wanted a new game – Mercenaries 2 – some years back. And I had two options: Ask Mom or ask Dad.

For this case, I used the experience method by questioning someone who has had a lot of dealings with both parties about games – MYSELF.

Findings about Mom

  • Happy when my academics is on course (am excelling and studying appropriately)
  • Dislikes the whole idea of gaming (sees them as a distraction)
  • Least likely to agree


Findings about Dad

  • Currently on a business trip
  • Will have to consult Mom
  • Doesn’t mind a little bit of gaming here and there
  • Most likely to agree



My conclusions

Even though Dad was my best option, my main audience was Mom. She was the one who needed more convincing because even if Dad agrees, she had the final move. Also, she may be hurt that I did not come to her first.

So, you see audience identification applies in many situations whether we are aware of it or not.

Hello to all my fellow gamers. It’d be sort of rude not to say “hi” back. Doesn’t matter if you’re no longer a gamer. Just “hi” me in the comments below and tell me a bit about yourself so I’ll know who you are.

The Importance of Identifying Your Audience

It is the first stepping stone of the entire IDARE process. All the other steps are based on this. Meaning that if you identify the wrong audience, your analysis and research will be useless because in the end, your goals are underachieved.

Many may say this identification looks like a long procedure but it all depends on how well you want to succeed. It can be in a matter of seconds, hours or even the night before!! It all depends on you and the situation.


-We will discuss the next step of the IDARE process further in our next episode. Keep in touch.

This is Perception.

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    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Nyse (your name sounds like “nice” – might be coincidental),
      I’m glad you found the blog too. And that it has been of help to you.

      In response to your question, if you look closely at the left-hand corner of the bottom of the page, you should see something that says : Subscribe to Blog via Email
      All you have to do is to put in your email address and click the Keep Me Updated button.

      Feel free to check out the other posts in this series
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  2. I do agree with all the ideas you have introduced in your post They are very convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are very brief for beginners. May you just please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.
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    1. Hi Lily, thank you for your thoughts. Rest assured that they will be taken into consideration.
      Also, please note that for the posts already up, their corresponding videos have a bit more details as to the topic.

      I visited your blog and I must say I really liked its layout and style. It makes me remember the days I too used Weebly to create a blog. Your recommended facial products seem to be quite interesting.

  3. Interesting way of explaining demographics and knowing ones audience. I remember being much younger and playing out that exact scenario in my head. “Who is more likely to say yes?”

    Knowing who your audience is and how they think, act, and come to a conclusion is an important, if not on the most important components of any successful business. With these and more answered, you are more likely to succeed in whatever it is (product, business idea, game purchase) you have. Think about it as though you are inside their heads. Being inside your target audiences head sounds pretty amazing, right?
    Joel recently posted…April 2 – 8, 2017My Profile

    1. Thank you, Joel.

      I know right. It’s exciting to be able guess what they are thinking before they voice it out. That way you can answer their unanswered questions and hence, they’ll have no need to voice them out.
      Great points, Joel.

      I think everybody remembers that moment of their childhood as well.
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